Why Kamailio Solution is Beneficial for Your VoIP System

Kamailio is an open-source SIP Server that can handle thousands of call setups per second. Kamailio’s solution can create large VoIP and real-time communications platforms, including presence, WebRTC, instant messaging, and other applications. Furthermore, with Kamailio development services, it is simple to scale up SIP-to-PSTN gateways, PBX systems, or media servers such as FreeSWITCHTM, AsteriskTM, or SEMS.

Kamailio is written in pure C language and includes architecture-specific optimizations. It is useful in various scenarios, including small-office use, enterprise PBX replacements, and carrier services. Kamailio development is a SIP signaling server-a proxy-that is useful for large real-time communication services. Some of the key features of Kamailio include:

● SIP telephony system

● SIP security firewall

● SIP load balancer

● Least cost routing engine

● Instant messaging and presence services

● IMS/VoLTE platform

● SIP IPv4-IPv6 gateway

● SIP-WebRTC gateway

● MSRP relay

Usage of Kamailio

Large Internet Service Providers use the Kamailio solution to provide public telephony services. The German ISP has the largest publicly announced deployment, with several million users. Another large deployment is currently in place at the provider sipgate.

Benefits of Kamailio Development

Kamailio-based services and solutions offer robust capabilities and an extensive range. It is mainly popular for handling large volumes of calls. Here are some key benefits of Kamailio development services:

Performant SIP Server – Kamailio provides different modules to support different server types, including Registration Server, Location Server, SIP Proxy, Application Server, and Redirect Server.

Dynamic Modules – With Kamailio, you only load the modules you need (from a library of 150) and can even create custom modules to add extra functionality. It improves performance while also increasing flexibility.

Routing Options – Kamailio development also gives you more options for routing stateless and stateful messages. It supports multiple algorithms, such as LCR (least cost routing), for load balancing. Kamailio also supports backup routing for failover scenarios.

Security – Provide SIP user authentication and IP address authentication functionality to prevent flooding request attacks. It supports Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) for secure audio communications. Kamailio also offers topology hiding configuration, which hides or masks internal details to a general configuration.

Asynchronous Behaviour – Kamailio solution can handle TCP, SIP Messages, Interprocess Message Queues, and Distributed Message Queues asynchronously. It is one of the reasons it has higher throughput.


The most significant advantage of Kamailio development is its ability to scale VoIP systems while maintaining reliability and failover support. Adding more Kamailio servers can easily scale any VoIP system on demand. Kamailio also supports load balancing over geographically distributed VoIP systems. It means that for a company with multiple locations, Kamailio development services can help to load balance traffic to those locations easily.

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