Why Keto Diet Is Bad Long Term

It is important to understand the mechanism through which the ketogenic diet aids in weight loss. This way, you will appreciate the fact that it is ugly when used for long durations. Pruvit promoter indicates that Keto diets comprise low consumption of carbohydrates, overlooking the fact that carbs account for most of the body’s energy.

As digestion takes place, carbohydrates disintegrate to form glucose. Normally, the body uses glucose as its principal source of fuel. In fact, organs like the brain can function with at least 70% of their fuel coming from glucose. Once the bod lacks sufficient supply of glucose, it looks for alternative sources of energy such as fats and ketones. After three to four days of beginning the keto diet, your body will go into ketosis. When this happens, the body operates on a state of ketosis because it mainly relies on ketones and fats for strength.

The change in dieting comes with a wide array of symptoms including dizziness, irritability, headache, constipation, bad breath, difficulty sleeping and, stomach pains. You might also experience confusion among other extreme symptoms. Medics term these symptoms as the Keto Flu.

The signs and symptoms of keto flu primarily fade in a week’s time and the body begins shedding some weight. Dieters often report significant and dramatic weight loss. As a result, they tend to rejoice at the effectiveness of the diet. Unfortunately, they overlook the negative effects of the diet that remain hazardous to one’s health.

For a healthy life, your body requires a balanced diet. It becomes common knowledge therefore, that once you start on the keto diet or any other diet that deprives your body of some health foods, you essentially plunge yourself into nutrition deficiencies. If you maintain the strict diet that denies your body of some crucial nutrients for extended durations, you will expose your general wellbeing to several threats.

Numerous publications attest to electrolyte imbalances and dehydration due to nutrient deficiencies. Generally, ketogenic diets feature inadequate intake of fiber and vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamins B6. B and A. consequently, dieters must take more water. Even so, you should consult your doctor for ideal supplementation. Without adequate supplementation, you risk suffering from innumerable health conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies.

However, this diet comes with the challenge of sustainability. Denying your body your favorite foods exposes it to new cravings. This obliges man dieters to give up on the keto diet. Fortunately or unfortunately, returning to your normal eating habits comes with the ricocheting of weight gain. You could report dramatic weight gains after surrendering the keto diet. Aside from the side effects, the vivid weight gain could result from your body learning to depend on glucose as the major source of fuel.

Considering all the aforementioned reasons, you cannot rely on keto diet for your lasting weight loss goals. Rather, you can opt for the Pruvit promoter ketogenic diet when you need to shed weight rapidly for a limited time. You must prepare psychologically to cope with the unwelcoming symptoms associated with the diet. In the end, no one recommends keto diets for long-term weight loss plans.


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