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Fitz Patrick also becomes an experienced teacher. Pirates will be 34-year-old Fitz Patrick’s 7th team in 13 seasons. His last season he used the Jet in New York, after playing out in the 2015 season, he has been making mistakes last season.

Morris – Kleben: My ring is stolen
Former Louisiana State University’s Corner Morris Claiborne, the last 100,000 US dollars, the news of the SEC champion ring is concerned in the social media, in which the tiger’s fans accuse it to be the most expensive in life. The behavior of items for sale.

Guo Yi outside card prospects: Hawo @ 维 京 (offensive)
After Adrian Peterson finally lifted the ban, the Viking people once again put the pavement as a team. The 138.2 yards of the average of 138.2 yards is fourth, of course, most of this is the credit of the AP. It is a sharp contrast of the powerful pavement offense. In the case where the main quartz Date Di Di-Briguit passes less and less, the number of 183 yards The column column is the first. Compared to the evening season, there is a wonderful play, this season Briguwater is very mediocre, only 14 passes throughout the season, in all the first quarter-free medals, the first quarter-free medlar column. The Peterson returned to the stadium, once again showed the side of his pavement beasts, and the 1485 yards of the season once again took the squad. The entire offensive front line led by the main center Joe-Bog is a good hand of the pavement, and the results of the entire season’s alliance scorpion cover the second good (+89.5). Since it is said that the offense has to talk about the bad ball attack, several outer steps Stephen Di Ji, Mike Wallace and Jariss – Wright also only new Xiu Di Ji can take it, This year’s 5-year-old jewelry has shown a variety of fancy ball skills to fans, and a 5-wheel signed this Viking earned. The main proximal edge Kel-Rudolf is the team’s most stable ball point, although the state is getting worse, but the feel is still there. Viking people, want to go farther in the playoffs, pass the ball attack.

In fact, there are also opponents for this speech, although it has been speaking that the brain oscillate for the influence of human body, but when people have no encounter, who will care about these physical conditions? Maybe this is Trump’s power, and his unique speech can always find his supporters.

The sale of eBay is published on the US Time Monday night at 9:36, the displayed address is Shrifport, official Kleben’s hometown, so the outside world is determined that this is the behavior of Kleben himself.

Sam Bradford is more important than looking at the show.
US time on Thursday, there will be millions of fans to watch the draft conference in front of TV, radio, and mobile phone, but it seems that the draft conference and Sam Bradford have nothing to do.

The eleventh Zhou Guolian US Best Player announced
If BROCK OSWEILER has only stayed in the first lineup, he can take a trophy to return to the replacement seat after winning the eleventh Week, the best offensive player.

Eleventh Weekly Best Defensive Players: Houston Dezhou defensive Director JJ Watt, Watt helped Texas 24-16 in the game 24-16 to overcome New York jets to continue to maintain the first of the United States Compete. Before getting Cincinnaton’s four-point Wei Di-Dalton, Watt was almost defeated almost doubles in each defense, and he obtained 2 kills and 5 hit four-point guard. After a quarter of the season in the season, the Dezhou Man’s Defense Group appeared badly, Watt and his teammates suddenly dedicated the best performance in the season.

After a whole season, the Seattle Hawks finally found their best offensive mode in the second half of the regular season, that is, Russell Wilson & Rarr; Doug – Baldwin. Starting from the 11th week of regular season, Wilson selected Bald’s 10 times as a pass target, and the latter received 40 passes, 595 yards, and 11 times, did not be copied. During this time, there is no four defense to pass like Wilson so precise (83.5%). This round of the latter half-section, let Wilson are divided into four-point guards in 87.4, and his best partner Baldwin has become the 8th good ball of the league with 90.9 fraction. . However, the Sea Eagle offensive in the previous two seasons, this season has been hit hard, “Beast” Ma Shaun – Lynch, this season is not good, and the injuries accumulated in a consecutive season allows Lin Teacher to make it again. Show “Beast Mode”. And experienced Lin teacher who was about to return to the post-competition, we also wish him luck. In the days of injury, the sea eagle found a new weapon in the pavement attack. This year’s decision of Xiudamas Roles used him more young and strong body, opened a new one for the pavement of the Hawk. Chapter, single 209-yard punch performance is sufficient to prove that he has the ability to stand in this alliance, although in the fourteenth week of reimbursement, he will recover Cheap Jerseys from china the next season, he will join Lynch to join hands for the fans. Contribute more exciting performance.

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