Why Lighting is Important in Commercial Interior Design


Not everyone realises the fact that lighting is one of the most essential elements of interior design. It can set the right mood, impact purchase decisions, and create unique experiences. In fact, lights can accentuate every other aspect of interior design and strike a balance between style and functionality. If your lighting scheme isn’t perfect, people will easily notice it. Expert commercial interior designers in Sydney explain why lighting is an integral part of a commercial property:

Comfort and Productivity:

Research suggests that mimicking natural lights in a workspace does influence the mood and productivity of employees in a good way. Daylight can regulate the circadian rhythms, enhance comfort, and help people perform better. Working many hours with a computer in front could cause visual fatigue, which can be combated by adequately illuminating the space. Hence, lighting is not just about improving the aesthetics, but safeguarding one’s health too.

The same does apply in schools as well. Studies have revealed a correlation between daylight in classrooms and improvements in test scores.

Set the Right Ambience:

One of the perks of a good lighting design is that it creates the right ambience that is relevant to your business. By properly setting up LEDs and lighting products, you get to positively impact a customer’s mood. According to the commercial interior designers in Sydney, warmer and dimmed lights are typically used in restaurants because it slows down people’s heart rate and keeps them relaxed.

Good lighting design alongside interior décor will leave an impression among your guests. If done the right way, customers will love the experience and likely come back in the future. Every time they visit your restaurant, they tend to stay longer or buy more food.

Influence Purchase Decisions:

Lighting is one of the best tools that influences a customer’s buying decision. Interior designers will know how to make your commercial space even more attractive for customers. Lights can also be used to present specific products you wish to promote, so that your customers will express more interest in buying them.

4 Expert Tips on Commercial Lighting:

– While planning your commercial interior design in Sydney, make sure to install lighting where it creates the most impact.

– Use energy-efficient lights that have a longer life and save on your utility bills.

– Make sure the entire space is well illuminated. Install the right number of lights in your property to prevent dark spots.

– Use lighting fixtures that are of the right size and colour. This should align with your overall design theme.

Good lighting design can bring in great benefits for your business. Skilled interior designers stay updated on the latest trends, so they can offer you valuable suggestions. Get in touch with one of the best commercial interior design firms in Sydney, and ask how they can help you out.

The author is a professional interior designer who is working at one of the recognised commercial interior design firms in Sydney. In this write-up, he explains the relevance of lighting in commercial interior design. To know more, visit https://www.alandcohausofdesign.com/

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