Why Microsoft Word Is The Best Word Processing Program For Students?

Word is so ubiquitous that you probably use it almost every day without even realizing it. Word documents are everywhere, from school assignments to business proposals. But can students also use Word for their studies? Absolutely!


Word is an excellent tool for students because it has everything you need to get your ideas on paper quickly and efficiently. The latest version is available with Microsoft Office 2019 home & student for Windows 10. This article details why Word is the best word processor for students, with some useful tips on how you can optimize its usage in your academic life.


  1. Writing can be easier with Word


If you’re one of those students who write slowly by hand, you might find that writing in a word processor will be a lot quicker and more efficient. Word processors are specifically designed for writing, and they have features that make the process a lot easier. For example, with a word processor, you can easily change your font, font size, and font color to make your writing more readable.


  1. Focus on learning with automatic grammar checking


Writing is a key part of the educational process, and many students are keen on improving their grammar and sentence structure. However, grammar rules can be very confusing, especially for those students who are just starting. Fortunately, automatic grammar checking is built into Microsoft Office 2019 Standard. With automatic grammar checking, you can quickly spot and correct most grammar mistakes within your text, without really having to think about it.


  1. You can collaborate with others easily


For many classes and projects, you’ll be required to work with other students on your work. Collaborating with others on your work is easy with a word processor. You can do this by choosing the “share” option in your word processor. Once you’ve selected “share,” you’ll be able to send your document to another person, who can then edit your work as they see fit. You can also send your document to a group of people.


  1. It’s easy to format your content


Whenever you’re writing an essay, report, or any other academic work, you’ll need to format your content appropriately. All you need to do is click on the “format” option in your word processor, and you’ll be able to select which font size you want, change your bibliography style, and use headings.


  1. Word is everywhere


There is a reason why Microsoft Word is the best word-processing program for students. It’s not just a good program for writing papers, but it’s used as a format for other documents as well. Word is also compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 home & student versions, so you can use the same program on your computer and laptop.


  • Why students should be using Word?


It’s clear that Word has a lot to offer students, but why should students be using Word over other word-processing programs? There are a few reasons why Word is the best word-processing program for students. Word has tons of useful features that make writing easier, it’s compatible with most operating systems, and it’s widely used by businesses.

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