Webroot online management account:

The Webroot business management account is the online portal where you will use to manage any or all of the Webroot business products, starting with Webroot Business Protection. So a central portal from which you can view and manage your protected devices.

Why create a Webroot online management account

When you create an account, Webroot Secure Anywhere generates a master account record for you, and associates the license keycode with that stored record. Each product has its own keycode, so if you purchased more than one product from anywhere, then you will have more than one keycode associated with your master account record and you can manage all products from the Webroot SecureAnywhere website.

The SecureAnywhere management website provides the following features:

PC Security – Can get a global view into all your PCs with SecureAnywhere installed. Using a web browser from a remote location, you can watch whether your computers are secure or infected.

Note :- Just coming soon: Mac Security will be included in the SecureAnywhere management website.

Mobile Security – Can get a global view into all your smart phones and tablets with Secure Anywhere installed. If required, you can remotely locate a missing mobile device with the Lost Device Protection feature option.

Backup & Sync – And if your edition includes Backup & Sync, you can access your synchronized and stored files. By using a web browser also from a remote location, you can download the latest version of a document, from home or office computer, even if your home or office computer is turned off.

Passwords – And if your same edition includes the Passwords feature, you can access your saved passwords and important profiles. Like, if you can not remember your banking site login credential, you can go to the Passwords panel option and view your user name and password. For more information, you can see Last Pass Overview.

Account Administration – You can upgrade your products, and can add other devices and users to your master account. If you are an administrator who manages device security for others, you can also organize groups of devices into consoles. This console can include a view of your home devices or your business devices that are added.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Management Website User Guide Overview

To access this website, open a browser, and go to my.webrootanywhere.com and enter your Webroot account credentials. After you logged in, then Secure Anywhere website displays your account data and the security status of your all devices.

The Secure Anywhere management website looks similar to the same pic. Depending on the Secure Anywhere edition you purchased, whether the same is AntiVirus, Internet Security Plus, or Complete, some panels might be inactive.

The Mobile Security panel is inactive, if you did not activate Secure Anywhere protection on a smart-phone or tablet.

The Backup & Sync and Passwords panels are inactive, if your Secure Anywhere edition does not include those features. For upgrade information, see Webroot’s product offer and plan.

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