Why must you wear slippers at home?

Walking barefoot is comfortable but do you know there are many advantages to wearing slippers at home? Slippers are a protective shield for your feet. Many people have adapted to the habit of wearing flip flops at home and they have noticed vast differences from the time they used to be barefoot. 

 Here are a few reasons why you should be wearing footwear at home.

  1. Wearing footwear at home helps you with cracked heels


While cracked heels can be caused by underlying health conditions and obesity, they can also be caused due to walking barefoot.  When we walk bare feet there are chances of dust and dirt continuously sticking to the underneath area. This can cause skin infections and make our heels crack. Also, germs and bacteria come in direct contact when we walk bare feet which cause cracked heels. 

  1. Protects you from catching a cold 


People who have a tendency of catching a cold should consider wearing footwear at home.  Often when the house doesn’t have a carpet on the floor, the chances of catching a cold is high. Houses that have marble or tile flooring become extremely cold in winters. Even if you wear socks, there is a chance of the cold coming in contact with your feet. So if you do not have carpets to keep your flooring warm, wear a simple pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops are for both women and men. Like pretty slip-on shoes for women, there are many fancy flip-flops too. 

  1. Helps people with flat foot


Flat-footed people have a condition wherein the whole sole comes in contact with the ground when standing. Flat feet may be caused during childhood and the feet arches are not developed. People with flat feet may have issues in standing for a long time or have tendencies of falling often. They also may not be able to balance themselves when they step over even on a small object. Wearing a pair of footwear can help people with a flat foot to an extent. 


  1. Increases the blood circulation 


Many times, doctors recommend special footwear to people suffering from pedal oedema. The reason for swelling can be numerous but one of the remedies is wearing doctor prescribed footwear at home. The footwear improves blood circulation and the swelling is prevented. If you are suffering from such swelling, ask your doctor if the footwear can help you. 

  1. Keeps strains and pains at bay


A lot of people feel pain in their feet or legs. It might be caused due to improper grip of bare feet on the floor. If the floor is slippery, you may put more strain on your feet and walk carefully. Also, there is a high chance of you slipping on water spillage if you are not wearing footwear. So try getting a pair of flip flop that has a proper grip underneath. 

Once you start wearing footwear at home, you will feel the difference for yourself. You will see the benefits once you make wearing footwear a habit. Also, remember to choose the most comfortable and durable footwear as it is going to protect your feet daily. You can get comfortable flip-flops, crocs, sandals, kids shoes, girls shoes and shoes for men for everyday wear. 

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