Why My HP Printer Printing Slow

What are the reasons for Slow network printing?
When your network prints too slowly the first question that arises in our mind is what are the reasons for slow printing? This is a very common problem. Here is some solution to the above problem that might help you in increasing the speed of the website.

  • How to fix slow network printing:
    We will have a quick overview first:
    Change the printer properties.
    Make some changes in setting
    Increase the speed of spooling on the printer server.

Step:1 Change the printer properties.
If you are using some different window server, I have some stuff for you. Firstly What you have to do is access the property of the printer. Enable the “Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster” option. This prevents the network of the printer from getting overwhelmed.

Step:2 Change the settings of the printer.
Check the Start printing after the last page is spooled Option. This is one of the biggest reasons for the printer’s slow working. That’s because in the midst of printing it is not going to break print workers. It will also not interrupt the network printer for other users if it takes a long time for another bigger job to the spool.

Step:3 Speed up spooling on the printer server.
Check the “Print Spooled Documents First” option in the same properties box. If your printer responds too slow and is accessed by too my pool client, then surely speeding up spooling could help you in increasing the speed of your printer.

How to get rid of the problem Hp printer prints very slowly?
If we shed light on the frequently occurring technical problem like “why hp printer printing very slowly” with the HP printer, then this is a sluggish printing problem. If your whole job hampered, nothing can be more stressful than because your printer is working very slowly. In this article, we’re letting you know the main reasons the printer is running too slowly.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Printing Slow Issue:
Reinstalling Printer Driver
If you’re facing the HP Printer Printing Slow problem, the issue may be in the printer driver. Sometimes, this problem arises because of a corrupted printer driving force, so it’s better to reinstall it.

1) First, you need to open the Device Manager. To achieve this, press the Window button on your keyboard, search for the device in the search bar, and choose the Device Manager.
2) Right-click on your printer, after then select the Uninstall tool option from the menu.
3) Click at the Uninstall button while the Uninstall Device Pop up box will appear.
4) After Completing the uninstallation, click on the Scan for hardware changes icon.
5) Now Windows Will begin finding and downloading a compatible driver for your printer on your computer.

Note: If Windows is unable to find a compatible driver in your printer, then manually install the printer driver.

Open Directory of Printers and Stop Print Spooler Services
Because of the inappropriate functioning of Print Spooler, HP Printer Prints very slowly. The files within the Printer’s directory also prevent printing on the HP Printer. Delete all files in the Printer’s directory to fix this problem.
At the same time, press the Windows + R key on the keyboard and enter services.msc in the search bar.
Click on OK, or click on Enter.
Right-click the Spooler Printer service and then click the Stop button.
Minimize the operation window on Print Spooler.
Open my machine and move to the path C:/Windows / System32 / spool / PRINTERS.
Delete all PRINTERS files from the directory.
Open minimized Print Spooler service window, right-click on the Print Spooler service and then click on the Start button.

Set HP Printer Tips to Port
If your HP Printer is slow to start printing this is because the printer is distributed around the folder. Connect your HP Printer as a local printer to fix this problem, and point it to the port.

Note: This solution only works with network printers if you don’t share your HP Printer with a local network, so you don’t have this solution.

Update the Printer Driver:
1) Visit the official HP website, go to the Printer section, enter the model number, then press Send.
2) Download the package Driver recommended.
3) Locate the downloaded package.
4) Double-click it, and, if prompted, press the Run button.
5) To complete the installation process Follow on-screen instructions.

Hopefully, now your issue has been solved of “why hp printer printing very slowly”.If you still have any queries feel free to connect with us.our team is available 24*7 to help you.

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