Why my PC gets slow after installing or removing antivirus?

We all know that nowadays the internet is prone to harmful threats, phishing scams, viruses and Trojan horses. In order to protect your PC from these viruses, you need to install an antivirus in it. These antiviruses also require your PC to have some particular specification and configuration.

Besides having everything perfect, there are chances that your system gets slow down after the installation or after the removal of the antivirus. This happens because the antivirus, which is installed on your computer system, is brought to the memory each time the computer boots. When the antivirus scanner system is brought to the memory, it begins scanning your system.



This consumes some of the memory from the total memory available in the computer system. In addition, if your device is already running out of memory then it will affect to its overall performance.  Even if your system has huge memory, then also your device may have to suffer from slow performance. Thankfully, there is a solution available for this problem.

This article will provide you step by step procedure to get rid of this problem in both the cases. We are taking the example of the most common used antivirus i.e. Norton. Just have a look:

  1. After Installation of Norton antivirus
  • The first step is to update your antivirus to its latest version
  • Now, remove any other antivirus installed on your device as two devices installed for the same function can conflict each other
  • If the problem still persists, remove the Norton antivirus using Norton Removal Tool from Norton Website
  • Reinstall your device
  • Download and install the Norton setup again from norton.com/setup
  • This will surely boost up the speed and performance of your system
  1. After the Removal of Norton Antivirus
  • Once you have used Norton Removal Tool, remove it too from your device
  • Restart your PC after uninstalling
  • Modify your Window Firewall settings and turn on the Windows defender
  • This will help you protect your device from online threats and frauds
  • Simply, restart your device and check if the things are going smoothly or not

You will notice a considerable change in the performance of your device.  If none of the aforementioned solution works, contact Norton support to get an instant help. You will definitely get the best solution by a certified technician.

Maria Silvia is an experienced author and a tech geek, who loves to keep a strict vigil on the latest technological changes as well as the errors, users are facing while using the latest software, antivirus and gadgets. She helps them by providing step by step solution for these issues.

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