Why MySQL is More Popular Than PostgreSQL?

In any kind of web development, Application development, or in any type of development, storage plays an essential role in storing data. That needs some database management systems that provide better retrieval, more security, and better usability UI for any naïve users. For over more than 40 years, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are in use and give a better performance to the developers.

When it comes to choosing any RDBMS developers,I usually recommend using MySQL because it processes faster and easy to use. MySQL is popular for websites and online transactions. SQL has another upgraded version, which is also popular. PostgreSQL is majorly used to handle large and complicated analytical processes. Both MySQL and PostgreSQL are very popular in the industries, but when it comes to choosing more reliable and better performance RDBMS, then most developers recommend using MySQL over PostgreSQL. MySQL and PostgreSQLare both very close competitors.

You can learn a lot of things about the topic and get comprehensive acquittance about PostgreSQL interview questions.

Features of MySQL

Well, MySQL is a fast, opensource, reliable, general-purpose, more stable relational database management system. It can be installed in any machine easily with that feature. It still not faces any lack of security problems. It works with all types of multi-tier applications and develops the production application servers.

MySQL is used by many famous companies like Facebook, Google, Tesla, NASA, GitHub, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, etc. If all these world’s largest companies are using this Database model so it should have some unique features, right?

So, my answer is yes, it has many features which make it more reliable:

  • MySQL gives updates very fast with more security patch levels.
  • It is directly handled by the ORACLE.
  • Opensource and cloud-ready DBMS.
  • Best customer support services
  • Very much secure and stable
  • It has Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)
  • Wide range of options for server optimizations

Because of these many features and more counting features, it is prevalent in today’s world.

Features of PostgreSQL

Just like MySQL is PostgreSQL is open-source, provides frequent updates with that it is an advanced version of SQL, and provides many advanced features which might MySQL does not offer. It can be customizable according to its requirement.

PostgreSQL is used by Apple, Cisco, Debian, Etsy, Skype, RedHat, Instagram, Sun Microscopes, Yahoo, etc. like more prominent firms. With its features, it also has drawbacks like PostgreSQL is managed by professional developers only, not just like any average person and a company like MySQL. So, because of this feature, it lacks by MySQL in the competition.

It is more recommended to use on Linux servers for better security purposes. It supports macOS, Solaris, Windows, BSD, Linux. Where MySQL supports almost all the OSs’ presents in the world with its open-source feature for every OS.

Which One Is Faster MySQL or PostgreSQL?

When it comes to defining the speed at that time, both are giving healthy competition, and because of that, they have strong reputations for being the fastest Relational Database Management Systems. It is also right there is no such till now 100% complete answer for which one is faster than others. It will help you answer MySQL interview questions.

When MySQL is faster in Read-Only commands, especially on Windows skills where PostgreSQL is faster in managing massive data sets, complicated query structures.


So, while, we are scaling the competition between MySQL and PostgreSQL for sufficient usability features, we need to just figure out points like what database we need for a particular use:

When we need a rich database structure that can manage many complex queries and massive data sets, then we use PostgreSQL. When we required to use any simpler, faster, and easily set-up by any user and more reliable database structure, then highly recommend using MySQL.

If you are a beginner and want to learn a popular relational database system, then MySQL is more popular then PostgreSQL.

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