Why Not Just Use Automatic Hacking Tools?

More and more lately, companies are buzzing about using the latest automatic hacking tool instead of ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in their networks and software. They question why they need ethical hackers when they can execute an automated tool to find vulnerabilities while investing so much less.

Most organizations can’t digest the long reports produced by these automatic hacking tools. They struggle to decipher the data and what to do with the information. Automated hacking tools are just tools in part of an arsenal that could potentially be used to help support a business’s cybersecurity efforts. But these tools could never replace the sophisticated, continued complex activities of a dedicated hacking team.

Hackers will spend endless hours to bypass and penetrate systems learning every bit and byte. They become experts in the business’ systems, gathering all the information they can find, and use everything they learn to form a sophisticated attack, based on a series of actions, causing a lot of damage to a company’s systems and organization as a whole. Automatic tools by themselves cannot replicate all of these actions. A written tool can’t discover a situation that it’s not programmed to find, unlike a human who can observe, identify, learn and adjust.

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