Why obsolescence management of electronic component is necessary nowadays?

The most agonizing portion of dealing with electronics products is to know your success is momentary. One day or the other, most electronic component fade away being irrelevant or die an untimely death. But what you can do is managing obsolescence of components can help you through difficult period.

Here is an out line of the dying process in electronic component industry and how the manufacturer/OEM/supplier can makes it less agonizing.

As most of the tools, tackles, and machines in any industry are becoming obsolete, it is fastest in electronic component field.

Technology is changing quickly, components are purposefully created to have shorter lifespan, and products are updated very fast.

In last few decades.

Since last few decades electronic component industry was mostly driven by automotive and related companies. But presently it is all about mobiles and laptops. If the manufacturer can get his chip/IC into the mobile/laptop design he will make plenty of dough. Spare parts makers assume that technical advanced consumer are constantly in the market for the next new and advanced thing. So, the manufacturers do not bother if the thing does not last too long. At present average cycle life of new IC or chip is below two years.

How spare part obsolescence ruins your supply chain?

If industries/sectors fail to manage obsolete electronic parts correctly, it can lead to sagging lead times, lot of money being wasted, one has to settle for less than ideal component, or in rare cases put a stop to production altogether.

To comprehend these problems, GreenTree, started over 20+ back in obsolete electronic component industry, is an obsolete components distributor and provides value added services to electronic components in medical, industrial, consumer, defence, and communication industries.

When an electronic or mechanical part goes obsolete, the broker goes out in the market; buy’s it and stocks it. They derive undue profit until their stock lasts. Another scenario is that your part goes obsolete and you become desperate because you were not prepared for it. Obsolete parts tend to end up in grey market and you may also end up purchasing counterfeit component. Using a counterfeit component may result in huge monetary setback. Since GreenTree are suppliers of obsolete electronic components you can get certified and tested obsolete component at reasonable rates and in bulk quantity.

The part maker may notify about product discontinuation, this gives you to make a bulk and final purchase. But what if you missed the notification? No need to worry, GreenTree as a distributor of obsolete electronic components comes to your rescue. Generally companies do not inform about product change or the parts no longer being manufactured.

Order your obsolete electronic component here.

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