Why parents confused in choosing the right International schools in Chennai?

Parents often care & cautious about the growth of their kids. It is an inherent alert of any parent to give the best for the child. International schools in Chennai also think the same way you do. You may think why to choose an international school besides others. International schools nurture different, unique, out-of-box thinking and grow them independently with immense knowledge. Give an international school setting that envelope a wide range of curriculum.

            Anand Singapore International School provides an internationally-minded education to ignite the spark in your child. From scratch – preschool, ASIS inculcate their minds with 21st-century skills. ASIS engenders curiosity among the learners to cope with evolving skills in the world.  Curiosity triggers out the unanswerable and unsolved questions and finds reasonable answers for them. It prepares the brain for the process of learning.

            Our experiential learning approach reveals that curiosity intrigues & remember the subject matter at relevant times. The International Baccalaureate program would be the high inception for your kid’s start. IB curriculum exposes the kid in several good ways such as,

  • Exposure to diverse cultures & traditions,
  • Learning additional languages,
  • Interaction with different region peers,

ü  Aware of social responsibility & act as a global citizen. 

Anand Singapore International School hopes to ease some of your fears. We strive to design a structured & disciplined environment for challenging tomorrow.

Do you think of showering individual attention to your kid?

     ASIS employ individualized attention and foster creativity in students learning style. Builds a positive & healthier home-like environment for enriching kids’ physical, psychological, and mental well-being. Guides to manage the stressful and anxiety-provoking situations introspectively.

  Set a good example before kids for influencing them positively. Anand Singapore International School takes care of many untreated issues of children enthusiastically. Counselors address the problems delicately to avoid the toll on the child’s psychological well-being. A solid relationship lessens the worse of the problem. So, at ASIS, educators approach kids in a friendly manner and build trust to sense safety and security. Improve students’ emotional skills with apt anger management strategies and encourage kids to share their thoughts.

Anand Singapore International School trains the wings of your child to fly high. Opens 2021 admissions for the boards of preschool (age 2-4), kindergarten (4-6), primary (age 6-12), secondary and junior college. Expose your child to the apt school environment and explore its direct impact on a kid’s behavior, personality, growth, and learning.

ASIS, leading american cambridge international school in Chennai.
Offering IB board based syllabus courses that include preschool, primary school,
secondary school, and junior college. Call us for admission 2021.Feel free to call us @ 8012137777.
Book a Trial Class @ https://asis.education.

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