Why Pick 8CH CCWDM Module to Enhance the Performance of Your System?

In an optical system, reflections and backscattering of light usually cause disturbance and noise issues in the photodetectors to instabilities of the light source. Such issues, either in the photodetectors or other parts of the system, can cause undesirable effects on the optical system.

These issues may seem small, but they can render the entire system ineffective. An optical isolator is a device that is used in lightwave systems that doesn’t allow the reflection of light to disturb the laser oscillator. Optical isolators are installed to maintain and enhance the performance of a system.

The 1310/1550nm Optical Isolator is a device that is used to transmit an optical wave in one direction but blocks the flow in the reverse direction, just like a diode of an electric circuit. An optical wave that enters in this device from the forward direction through the input polarizer becomes linearly polarized by this polarizer.

Therefore, the linearly polarized wave emerging from the device is transmitted by the output polarizer without attenuation. To minimize the insertion loss in this isolator, the input optical wave is linearly polarized in the direction parallel to the axis of the input polarizer.

The CCWDM compact wavelength division multiplexer is a small size CWDM wavelength division multiplexer that uses film filter technology and free space technology to reduce insertion loss. Our 8CH CCWDM Module comes in a compact package that is designed to tackle the needs of cost-effective multi-wavelength CWDM network applications.

No doubt it comes in a compact size, but it provides high isolation and low insertion loss. The CCWDM module also offers high reliability and high stability and has a low polarization-dependent loss.

This module can be operated within a wide range of wavelengths and has a lot of applications like Live Monitoring, CWDM networks, Telecommunication, Metro Area Networks and Access networks.

The fiber optic coupler is a device that has its application in hr optical fibre systems with one or more input fibers and several output fibers. It is mainly used in fused optical systems and can be divided into different ratios like 50:50 or 20:80.

This means that 80% of the signal goes in one direction, and the remaining 20% goes in the other. These are single-mode couplers with a defined split ratio.

The 1×2 Dual Window FBT Module is one of the most important parts of the passive optical networks. Besides, it had low insertion loss, excess loss and low polarization dependence. Further, it provides high optical return loss and better uniformity.

Our dual window FBT module has been designed with the highest quality and sensitive fibreglass for the greatest installation speed and efficiency. This provides a high transmission rate with virtually no distortion.

This has been specially made for power splitting and tapping in telecommunication equipment, CATV network and test equipment.

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