Why Playstation4 Outsold Xbox One

PlayStation 4 has become the second most selling gaming console to date, and the selling numbers are yet to increase in the coming days. It has left gaming consoles of the Xbox series far behind along with Nintendo and Nintendo 64. If you are a fan of online gaming and keep an eye on the various facts related to gaming consoles, then the disparity in terms of selling numbers of these gaming consoles must have come to your mind. Now, the question arises why is there so massive disparity among the selling numbers of both these gaming consoles. It is noticeable that the lifespan of Xbox One may come to an end with series X as the selling numbers of Xbox one is even far behind the selling numbers of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, the original NES, the SNES, and the original Play Station. Why people have preferred PlayStation4 more than the Xbox One. Here is the answer to these questions:-

Why Xbox lags behind Playstation in terms of selling numbers?

When you started inquiring about these vital questions, then you will find that the difference in the prices of both gaming consoles played a crucial role. The cost of Playstation 4 was much lower than the Xbox One. The Playstation 4 as gaming console was much powerful in comparison to the Xbox One. Sony always made it clear to the people that this gaming console is only for games and did everything to keep its words. The marketing strategy of Sony was also perfect, and it rightly hit on the weak points of Microsoft. Sony did a lot of innovations to make Playstation virtual reality more enhanced and introduced an excellent software library along with making it affordable. Sony has a clear goal and vision regarding the features and prices of Playstation 4 and executed it wonderfully. Even in the case of Nintendo Switch, which introduced a complicated system, it was taken into notice by the company itself that other people should get additional advantages in the form of enhanced graphics and accessible communication with players. Sony decided to care about the needs of online gamers and directly addressed them with making innovations in the games in a brilliant way.

On the other hand, Microsoft looked confused, even though it introduced a powerful gaming console. Microsoft failed the address to the needs and likes of online gamers, and so it lagged Xbox far behind in terms of selling numbers. However, Microsoft introduced several great features in Xbox like Game Pass and Backwards compatibility one, but it all goes in vain. The elements in the Xbox one well poorly communicated and poorly executed, too, which affect its sale in large. Sony is also leading as it released some great games of current generation on its gaming consoles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted4, The Last of Us, Marvel’s Spider-man and God of war and the lists does not end here as Sony is all set to release The Final Fantasy Vii in the coming year.

What is next For Sony Vs. Microsoft?

At first sight, it is evident that Sony is far ahead and almost has won the game, but Microsoft is also learning from its previous missteps. Microsoft is focusing on the gaming and conveying the online gamers about the best features it has included in the Xbox One. Microsoft has done a lot of innovations in the backward compatibility feature, after which playing Ninja Garden is going to be a fantastic experience for you. The console war between Microsoft and Sony is going to be much more interesting in the coming days. Microsoft is all set to take on Sony in the console war efficiently after updating the features in Xbox One.

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