Why PNR Number is Important for Indian Railway Passengers?

The word PNR is the abbreviated form of ‘Passenger Name Record’. This 10-digit unique identification number is generated every time you book a ticket, whether from counters or online via the IRCTC website/third-party apps. That means PNR status 10 digit numbers will be different for separate journeys.

For group bookings, a single PNR number is allotted to a maximum of 6 travelers. Irrespective of ‘confirmed’ or ‘waiting’ status, the auto-generated 10 digit PNR number gets stored in the Center of Railway Information System’s (CRIS) database for future references. It generally contains details about passengers and itinerary.

Why Is It Important to Check PNR Status?

It is crucial for you to keep checking your PNR status frequently when you are traveling by train. If it’s not, then there is a probability you may get a RAC or WL ticket. RAC stands for reservation against cancellation, and WL signifies a waiting list. RAC means if someone cancels their reservation, then you might get the seat. WL means you are on the waiting list of the passenger chart.

It has very low chances of getting a confirmed seat. Everybody wants to have a safe and comfortable journey. So, it is best to keep checking the ticket PNR status to avoid any unwanted troublesome circumstances.

How To Find 10 Digit PNR On Printed and E-Ticket?

PNR 10 digit number is a unique code that you can easily find in both printed and online tickets.

  1. PNR number on offline/counter tickets: At the top left corner of the printed ticket, you will find the 10 digit number.
  2. PNR number on online/e-ticket: Whether you book at the official IRCTC site or any third-party apps, there will always be a PNR number. You can find the 10 digit number at the top of every e-ticket.

Information Regarding PNR Number

PNR 10 digit number bears information regarding journey and some of the personal details of the passengers which they gave at the time of booking. It contains:

  • Passengers’ name, age, gender
  • Date of journey
  • Train’s name and number
  • Ticket’s fare
  • Coach and seat number
  • Quota
  • Source station (from)
  • Destination station (to)
  • Journey duration
  • Boarding platform number
  • The point up to the reservation
  • Class of travel( 1 AC, 2 AC, CC, SL)
  • Booking date and time
  • Reservation status (wait-list, confirm, RAC at the time of booking)
  • Current status (wait-list, confirm, RAC at the time of boarding)
  • Chart preparation status
  • IRCTC Ticket Auto Up-gradation Scheme

How the PNR Number Is Generated?

Every IRCTC PNR status of the Indian Railway contains a 10 digit unique number. The very first digit signifies the Railway zone from where the train started its journey. The first three digits stand for the Passenger Reservation System or PRS. It means from which reservation system the particular ticket was issued to the passenger. The remaining seven digits of the PNR 10 digit number are generated to make it a unique identification number for each of the passengers. The Indian train is the 4th largest railway network in the world. It is divided into 18 zones and 71 sub-zones.

PNR Status Seat Availability and Confirmation Probability

The PNR status 10 digit helps you to find the probability of getting a reservation confirmed. Many people reserve seats, but at the last moment, they might change their mind and cancel the reservation. Then the empty seats are given to the RAC or WL passengers. By checking the PNR status, you can get the confirmation of your train seat availability. It indicates the status high, medium and low. This process is very genuine and logistic as the websites are updated from time to time every second.

The confirmation of the tickets can be changed at the very last minute also. Though it depends on several other factors like weekends, festivals, special occasions etc. The final PNR status is sent through periodic notification till the final passenger list chart is prepared (generally 30 minutes before the departure of the train).

Ways to Check PNR Status

There are many different methods to check PNR status, which includes:

  • Through the official IRCTC website.
  • Through Railway Passenger Reservation Enquiry website.
  • Through SMS. (PNR <10 digit PNR number> to 139)
  • Through phone/call. (Dial 139)
  • Through Indian Train app and website.
  • Railway inquiry counter.
  • Final reservation charts.

Indian Train: Best PNR Enquiry App

In this era of digitalization, nobody wants to go to the crowded railway station every time and look for the PNR status. Indian Train brings you the one-tap solution in your own phone/laptop. You just have to go to IndianTrain.in or download the Indian Train App and voila! You will find all the answers to your queries under one umbrella platform.

Indian Train helps you to stay up-to-date before you step out and makes your train journey more comfortable and safe. To check PNR status 10 digit number via Indian Train-

  1. On the search engine, go to the official Indian Train website or Install the app.
  2. Click on the tab, “Check PNR status”.
  3. Enter a 10 digit PNR number in the search box.
  4. Within seconds, it will show all the details related to your IRCTC PNR status.

For a better and faster experience, download the Indian Train app from Play store.

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