Why Question Bank Tool is Important for Online Exam System

With the emergence of digitization in the domain of education, many schools and institutes are searching for solutions to overcome the problems of conducting exams on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Luckily there are modern solutions that can make this process much simpler, enabling schools and institutes to improve the quality of their assessments and questions. One of the solutions is a test creator for teachers. With this software program, schools and institutes can easily maintain, organize and reuse questions for new exams.

Software solutions such as the free exam creator can let schools and institutes reinvent previously prepared exam questions for use in new exams. The question bank tool consists of a collection of questions from exams of a certain category. It provides a question-by-question overview of each question, which includes data such as a question’s format, the category it belongs to, and the number of exams it appears on.

How does a question bank tool work?

The question bank tool can replace the long conventional methods of creating and conducting exams by teachers, coaches, trainers, and even recruiters. It streamlines the previously lengthy process of preparing questions for examinations.

When preparing questions for an examination, the question bank tool acts as a test creator for teachers.  The tool interacts with the list of questions added to each exam. It lets users add existing questions to the exam question list directly from the question bank. Questions already stored in the question bank can be edited directly from the exam question list.

The free exam creator allows users to search for relevant questions either directly or category-wise, which makes creating an exam very fast and streamlined. The questions can easily be added to the exam.  For instance, one can search for a category such as compliance and just click once to select all of the questions in that category.

The importance of question bank software

Questions in an exam have to be updated to keep pace with the constantly evolving regulations and industry standards. The free exam creator tools such as the question bank software provide a list of exams where each question appears. Users can modify or change the questions on particular exams as they please.

Using a test creator for teachers makes it very easy to create new exams by utilizing its collection of questions. It eliminates the need of entering existing questions again. An advanced search function allows users to quickly filter through the collection of questions to identify the ones that are relevant. If any particular question needs to be updated, users can make the change across all exams at once.

Question bank software is advantageous for individuals with large schools and institutions. Smart functionalities like reminders when questions are featured in multiple exams are useful to almost every exam creator. Additionally, the question bank software will prevent anyone from deleting a question that is currently featured on another exam.

As many teachers are relatively new to the concept of online assessments, they require clear instructions on every step of creating and assigning the exams. The question bank software simplifies the overall task so that the exams are ready to be attempted at the soonest.


The main aim of question bank software is to simplify the process of creating an exam. Easy accessibility of online tests and exams are of major concern in training institutes, schools, or even organizations. Whatever the solution is, it should be backed with a robust structure that can facilitate scalability and high response time, something which the question bank software achieves.

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