Why Right Now Is a Perfect Time to Get a Solar Power System in Idaho

A good argument could be made that there is no bad time to invest in solar power. Idaho solar installations have exploded in popularity in the past decade for quite a few reasons. One of the most important and commonly cited of those reasons is price. The cost of buying and installing a photo voltaic (PV) cell solar power system has decreased exponentially over the course of that decade. It’s further offset by a series of tax incentives, rebates, and credits offered to reward the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar. Not to mention the cumulative savings on the power bill.

10Additionally, it’s become increasingly clear that Idaho is extremely well-suited for solar power. We get quite a bit of sun in the Gem State and Boise consistently ranks among the sunniest cities in the U.S.But we don’t get as hot as the states traditionally thought of as the sunniest ones. And, while sunlight is obviously necessary for solar power, excessive heat can make solar power production less efficient.

There’s also the altruistic satisfaction that accompanies doing the environmentally-responsible thing and utilizing renewable energy sources to keep Idaho clean and green. Solar power also provides a reassuring independence from the power grid. All that being said, if there’s any time of the year more perfect than other times, now could very well be it.

Getting Lead Time

As the strategies for energy management Boise residents are choosing more frequently and reliably include solar, the installation times for PV cell array power systems can be pushed back further. To get the most immediate benefit from a new solar power system, it makes sense to have it up and running by when the most sunlight is available: summer. Getting the process started in early-to-mid spring improves your chances that your solar power will be up and running by the sunniest season.

Sun’s Out—But Not All the Way

Along with firing up the PV cell panels, the return of the summer sun reminds those without solar power that it’s an option. There’s nothing inherently wrong with installing in the summer, obviously, since it’s among the most popular time of year to do so, but there are accompanying considerations. A practical consequence of the popularity is the risk of longer installation wait lists. And the entire process, from contacting an installer to having panels on the roof, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. So if the process is started in the summer, that often means it’s mid-to-late summer, or even into fall before the solar system is up.

Up On the Roof

If there’s a good time to be up on a roof, it’s in the spring. For homeowners, that means being up on the roof to check for and, worst-case scenario, repair any damage done by the elements in the winter. Since the life of solar panels is inextricably linked to the life of the roof, if any repair or replacement does have to happen on the roof, it’s ideal it’s done before installing solar panels. After all, no one wants to install solar cells with an average lifespan of about 25 years on a roof that they’re going to have to replace in five years. Plus, the installers will thank you for an install that doesn’t involve either battling a snow and ice-covered roof, or one in the scorching heat of full summer.

About EvenGreen Technology

As the largest solar company by installation volume over the course of their eight-year history, EvenGreen Technology (EGT Solar) is Idaho’s foremost solar power provider and renewable energy innovator. Since their founding, EvenGreen Technology has remained dedicated to an education-first functional philosophy to ensure that their clients have the clearest understanding of the options and technology possible to inform their current and future needs. From the ever-increasing Twin Falls solar installations to their Meridian, ID headquarters, EvenGreen Technology remains the sole Idaho-based renewable solar energy company to be included on the prestigious Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractor list for the past two years running.

Keep Idaho green and clean while saving money with solar energy by visiting EvenGreen Technology, at Evengreentechnology.com

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