Why Sales Coaching Really Matters

Like any profession, performance is one criterion used to rate a professional, and sales managers is no different. Sales managers are rated using how well their sales formula yields returns or profits in a business or organization. Still, a sales manager must design a productive and plausible sales formula experience and an in-depth skill set.

It can be argued that these skill sets can be garnered from regular sales training. This is the truth but with a condition. There are different stages in sales training, mainly two stages. The first stage introduces sales managers to theoretical knowledge of sales management, while the second introduces them to practice and life problems with solutions in sales management.

A competent sales manager can produce effective sales formulas for any business because they are sales managers and coaches. Sales Coaching is the stage of sales training that introduces sales managers to practice and solve problems with sales management solutions. This article will highlight why sales Coaching matters for every sales manager.

What is Sales Coaching?

First, “what is coaching?” Business Coaching is a measure of excellence in any profession, field, study, or discipline by utilizing specific elements. For sales coaching, prospective sales managers and coaches strive for excellence using three crucial elements in sales management. These elements include:

  • Feedback: Perfect and productive sales formulas do not happen instantly. Reviews (feedback) from clients help professionals strive for perfection. This feedback is gotten during sales coaching.
  • Reflection: Professionals used the feedback above to seek out where formulas or models have lapses or hiccups to strive for perfection. Hence, without access to a sales coach, there will be no need for reflection.
  • Purposeful action: In some cases, after reflection, professionals discover that the flaws or lapses are not from the model or formulas, thus, prompting purposeful action to find a solution. In cases where the models or formulas are the problems, purposeful action results in improved models or formulas.

Why Sales Coaching is Essential

These are the primary reasons sales coaching is a must for every prospective sales manager:

  1. Experience and knowledge: “practice makes perfect” best illustrates how essential sales coaching is. It exposes prospective sales managers to real-life problems that need solving; research has shown that 87% of sales managers who undertake the first phase solely forget vital skills in a short period.
  2. Improved results: Given the experience sales coaching exposes sales managers to, there is an increased and enriched knowledge of how to manage sales tasks and demands; thus, sales managers have various sales tools to work with after sales coaching. This can be translated to improved sales management results as studies have shown that post-sales coaching, there is a fourfold ROI handled by a well-trained sales manager.

Question: Are Sales Training and Sales Coaching the same?

The answer is yes and no, yes because sales coaching can be considered a form of sales training because the professional is subject to everyday learning. In contrast, no, because sales coaching does not have an end, unlike sales training. A self-critical manager always seeks ways to improve and expand their skill set because change and improvement are constant in sales management, and sales coaching helps professionals adapt to the changes.


A testament to how essential sales coaching is in any sales manager’s life is how most sales manager jobs are recommended to involve active sales coaching or sales personnel. Hence, a sale coaching is essential, and this article best explains how.

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