Why Should Choose HTD Fiber for Items like FWDM Modules & More?

Well, something you should know better is to find items of fiber optics. Only the best knows how to deal with such issues. HTD fiber over here is going to deliver all your needs in terms of different equipment required for FTTH connection.

Yes, different modules, wares, cases, racks, and much more are also there for you. it has certain purposes. Today, you are going to get all ideas about choosing HTD fiber as your default buying option.

1. FWDM Module

This company delivers amazing products including awesome benefits on every purchase of the FWDM Module. This is a fiber optic patch cord. Its full form is Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer. It has certain useful features and applications.

These items are based on stable thin-film filter technology. The device’s purpose is to combine or separate the light at different wavelengths in a wide wavelength range. These components have higher usages in Raman amplifiers, EDFAs, WDM networks, fiber sensor systems, and fiber optics instruments.

You will find all major benefits when purchasing it from the right online store. HTD Fiber is the only place to deliver valuable features and useful applications from this product such as:


• High stability
• Proper broadband transmission
• High reliable function
• High wavelength isolation
• Low polarization-related loss
• Flat and wide passband
• Epoxy-free optical path
• Low insertion loss


• Optical communication equipment
• Metro or access networks
• CWDM system
• CATV system
• Fiber optical amplifier
• Monitoring system
• WDM system

2. AAWG Module

This has a full-form called Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating. This is a device that acts like a passive module based on planar waveguide technology (PLC). It doesn’t require any temperature control or power supply additionally.

Compared with TFF (Thin Film Filter), this AAWG Module has certain advantages in different sections. Yes, it can provide a variety of channels, extended ports, and packaging methods for customers. This device’s application is widely popular for its long-distance signal transmission.


• Low PDL
• Low insertion loss
• High reliability and stability
• Wide operating temperature
• Requirements of interface, wavelength, and package size are optional


• Backbone network
• CT 5G

3. Single Mode ABS Module FBT Couplers

This device is based on FBT technology. This FBT is derived as Fused Biconical Taper. The purpose is to combine or distribute the light properly. Yes, it dispatches the light from single inputs to single outputs. It uses a bi-directional method only to transmit.

The design of these Single Mode ABS Module FBT Couplers is meant for power splitting and tapping. These activities are ideal for telecommunication equipment such as any test assets and CATV networks.

These FBT Couplers are the best in the customization part. It has several styles, different port configurations, unique sizes, wavelength specifications, and split values in the ABS modules. These ideas are proper to suit the precise requirements and certain useful applications.


• Low PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss)
• Low insertion loss
• Exceptional reliability
• Awesome stability
• Compact design
• Conformed to RoHS certificate
• Wide operating temperature: from -40°C to 85°C


• LAN, WAN, and Metro Network
• Analog or Digital Passive Optical Network
• FTTX System

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