Why should you buy a home insurance policy in India?

A home insurance policy in India works as a shield for the home’s external structure and its constituents. Any damages caused to the possessions due to fire or natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, or storm is covered under this policy.

Even damages arising due to man-made incidents such as burglary, strike, arson, thefts, and riots are covered by home insurance policies. It covers accidents occurring within the home. 

What are the factors covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy?

  • Smoke and fire
  • Lightning
  • Damages occurring on account of sleet, snow, or ice
  • Tornadoes
  • Leakage proofs
  • Windstorms and hail
  • Fallen objects like trees or rocks
  • Wildfire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism or riots
  • Frozen interior plumbing
  • And power surges

What are the core advantages of buying a home insurance policy?

A home insurance policy protects the buildings and their contents against explosion, strike, cyclone, earthquake, theft, flood, cyclone, storm, riots, lighting, fire, and burglary. 

Protects your mobile and laptop against mechanical and electrical breakdown, accidental damages, burglary, and theft when you’re at home or outside. 

Covers appliances and electronics lying in your house from accidental damages or mechanical or electrical breakdown. Besides, these policies protect your precious items and jewelry against burglary or theft when used in a bank locker or at your home. 

A car insurance online policy will cover your vehicle against any accident that occurs due to third-party negligence. Any loss or damage that occurred on account of collision is hidden underneath the car insurance policy’s accident benefit. 

Vehicle theft is one of the common issues faced by car owners today. 

There’s no worst nightmare than finding out your vehicle has been stolen suddenly. In this case, the insurer must pay the insured value to the insuree. It’s highly recommended that you should compare car insurance online policies prices and the benefits they cover.  

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