Why Should You Buy Biocide Free Anti Corrosive Paint?

High adhesion water based anti corrosive paint is the best choice available for painting drinking water pipes, firefighting pipes, public playground facilities, shopping malls, hospitals, and other public areas. You can even buy this paint product for your home where you can use this on your iron railings and grills.

What is water-based paint?

A paint product could be oil-based or water-based. It needs a carrier like oil and water that can bind its molecules. Earlier oil-based paints were used in homes and industries. While oil-based paints give a better shine due to oil, these products aren’t safe for humans and the environment.

An oil-based paint product contains chemicals that leave a toxic residue like a foul smell. It is for this reason that people working in the automobile industry where automobiles are painted wear gas masks to stay safe from the toxic smell of oil-based paint products. But a water-based biocide free anti corrosive paint has no such fear or apprehension as it is completely free from toxic elements.

What happens when you use oil-based paint products?

An oil-based paint product has a short life because of the presence of chemicals that develop cracks on coming into contact with moisture. Also, oil-based paint is difficult to remove from a surface. If you accidentally spill this paint on the floor, you will need acid such as turpentine to erase those ugly marks from your floor.

On the contrary, high adhesion water based anti corrosive paint is convenient to use and erase. There is little to worry about the spillover as water-based paint is easy to remove. You can clean the spillover with regular detergent and the ugly marks will be completely gone. Similarly, you can easily strip paint from metal with little effort.

What is the cost of a water-based paint product?

If you compare the cost of a water-based paint with an oil-based product, you will find that the former is more affordable than the latter. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that using a water-based product will reduce the per cm/sq. ft. cost of the paint in the long run.

If you are considering painting the iron grills and railings of your home then you should buy biocide free anti corrosive paint that is high-strength paint. It will give a unique color to your railings and grills. Also, it will protect the iron pieces from corrosion. And it won’t cost you dearly in terms of money.


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