Why Should You Have an Email Ticketing System?


At an early stage, every business uses an email method to handle customer queries. But emails are slow and lack advanced features. Also, they are not specifically designed for your team or business. And how can we forget the overloaded inbox full of queries at the end of the week? This reduces productivity and gives rise to frustration among your support reps. 

But, what if I tell you that there is a faster alternative where you can answer your customers on time and also not overload your support staff? Yes, there is a solution you can implement in your system for improving efficiency – An Email Helpdesk. This online ticketing system help desk will offer several advantages and can be a permanent solution to all your help desk problems. Following are the advantages to have a look on:

Here we have some supposed situations that can be an indicator that it is time to rise above the manual email support process:

  1. Team Collaboration

There are times when customer support requires the involvement of more than one department to solve one query. And scrolling the queries from an email system will make you lose track of the query. This will affect your replying cycle, and eventually, your customer ratings will drop.

This is where switching to an email helpdesk can make a massive difference. The email helpdesk permits you to assign the query tickets to relevant departments. For example, you can assign a customer email inquiring about any key product features to the sales team with just a click.


  1. Integrate Knowledge Base with Chatbots for 24*7 Support

Another advantage of having an email helpdesk is that it enables you to provide 24*7 support. How? Through a knowledge-base. You can add this feature to help your customers to find the correct answer from numerous knowledge base articles.

You can add this feature by integrating a chatbot with the knowledge base. For instance, a customer is searching for a particular answer when your whole support staff is offline. They will have an option to turn to the chatbots from your website. So, whenever a customer reports a query, the chatbot can directly provide them with the answer through a knowledge base. And if they still want to talk to support reps, then the chatbot will generate a ticket.


  1. Your Support Team Lacks Accountability

Another main reason to switch to an email helpdesk is your support team’s lack of accountability and transparency. Lack of accountability reflects the minor to major loopholes in data acquisition and team collaboration.

And if your support system does not have a data management system, then your support agents might face many problems. For example, think about two different agents working on the same ticket, and both are contacting the same customer. Imagine what impression the customer will have of your brand. 

If you are managing support through support ticket software, your support agents will be able to see what other agents are doing with the ticket. This way, you can smoothly avoid potential collisions. This will also affect your staff’s productivity.


  1. Measure Customer Delight

Many businesses believe that they are already delivering superior customer support without even trying to know if the customers feel the same way or not. And the best way to find out what your customers think of your products and post-sales support is by asking them questions about the product or service through surveys.

You can easily create, design, and share such surveys to measure customer satisfaction rates with the help of an email helpdesk. The survey responses will be of great help to gain insights about your business’s performance as well as tracking improvement.



When brands manage customer queries via email threads and other disparate tools, the support processes become improper and inefficient. Here the risk is of wasting your resources and leaving the customers unsatisfied. The only key to customer success is to manage and fulfill customer requests effectively and accurately. Thus, it would be wise to opt for an email ticketing system for your customers and support staff.


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