Why Should You Invest in Site Management Qualifications?


What content can you expect to cover when studying for site management qualifications?

The role of a site manager is one of the most respected positions within the construction industry. Boasting many benefits, this role is very popular with those looking to progress in their field. With this popularity comes a high level of competition. Many dedicated construction workers hope to progress to this role through hard work and experience. However, due to the responsibilities of the role, site management qualifications are necessary to ensure you are capable of fulfilling the role successfully.


What benefits can you get from obtaining a qualification in site management?

Working in site management is no easy task. There are a lot of expectations on those who take on this role. Although all those within the construction industry play a part in the success of a project, a lot of pressure is placed on a site manager. Site management qualifications are essential for success, but also, offers many benefits for those who enrol.


Increased capabilities

Responsible for setting up the project, recruiting a team and then overseeing the project to completion, success is heavily reliant on a site managers performance. If you want to be ready to take on the role of site manager, you will need appropriate training beforehand. Therefore, a qualification in site management is key to preparing yourself to take on such a responsibility. Attending a site manager course can help drastically increase your capabilities. The content delivered will increase your theoretical understanding as well as your practical skills.


Enhanced opportunities

Firstly, the construction industry is a very popular career path. With multiple progression opportunities suiting many different skillsets, it’s a great industry for those looking for growth. Then, it is worth considering that this popularity leads to this specific job marketing being quite competitive. Without appropriate training and experience, it can be hard to work towards the role of site manager. Therefore, obtaining a qualifications in site management can help give you the upper hand in a competitive job market.


Earning potential

The role of a site manager has a lot of responsibility. Therefore, it is only appropriate that they are paid a salary that reflects the hard work expected of them. The average wage of a site manager with moderate experience is roughly £40,000 per year. Although the starting wage of a site manager might be below this, as with any job, pay increases align with experience.  A site manager with multiple years of experience can expect to earn up to £65,000 per year. In addition to this, the hours are very desirable. Many construction roles can be expected to work weekends, however the primary hours for a site manager are Monday to Friday.


Offers a variety of experience

Finally, a key benefit to working towards site manager with site management qualifications is the myriad opportunities it will bring. Due to the nature of the role, you will experience working in a variety of settings. In addition to this you will meet a lot of people, all with similar interests and driven by the same passions. If you work hard for the qualification and are successful in your studies, the job can provide you the opportunity to experience new places and people.


Where to get site management qualifications

If you are looking to become a site manager there are lots of opportunities available for you to start your studies. One method I can recommend from experience, is learning online. I took a course with the College of Contract Management and their online course structure kept me motivated throughout my studies. Previously I have found studying online due to the lack of support from my lecturers and peers. However, at the College all lectures are delivered via live zoom call. This classroom style of learning made me feel supported throughout the duration of the course and helped me meet people with similar goals to mine.


What you should consider when enrolling for a qualification in site management.

When looking to study for your site management qualifications it is important that you consider your own personal needs. Online courses such as those offered by the College of Contract Management are great for those who want to continue full time work whilst they learn. If you are not currently working, you may wish to choose a more practical course. Or, you could do an online course and get work experience whilst you study. You need to evaluate your own personal needs before you sign up for anything.


My final note, is that studying for this qualification can bring you great opportunities and benefits. That being said, the job is not easy, and you will need to be ready to put in hours of work. Construction within the UK needs quality management to maintain its reputation. Studying for a qualification in site management is a step in the right direction for anyone looking to be part of something bigger.


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