Why Should You Not Use Abrasive Cleaners For Cleaning Hard Water Stain On Granite?

A house is a place for which every single person wants to be proud of in all the circumstances and for this purpose, they invest a lot of money. Every person wants their house to be perfect in one way or another, and they install the perfect quality of marbles and granite in their house with a better finish. But some of the cities cannot keep the house clean and shiny always because they have an issue of Hard water supply in the area. Yes, it is a common issue that many households face, and it is something that can naturally destroy the looks and shine of your stones and marbles.

A house can have different types of marbles installed it and they can be way far expensive for the people who are getting it installed. Now that you have invested this much in the stones, it is also very important that you keep them all clean and shiny for other people to see. Though it is less visible on white marbles and is more visible on the granite, so your first preference should be to Stain removal from granite.


Not to use Abrasive Cleaners

Granite and other marble pieces that enhance the looks and designs of your house are meant to be cleaned properly from time to time. However, they can caught dust and other stains when not cleaned over a period of time, and the toughest stain that they might caught is the one related to the hard water stain.  Different people can suggest to you different possible ways to clean your water stain on the granite, but what you should not follow for once and for all is the use of abrasive cleaners to clean your marble. Yes, the abrasive cleaners are meant with chemicals, and hence it is not at all safe for people to use these cleaners on their expensive granite. Here are some of the points which can explain to you about why it is not at all relevant to use these cleaners on the granite:-

Can Harm Shine:- Well, hard water stain is tough for you to deal with, but that doesn’t mean that you should use the abrasive cleaners from the market to clean it. If you are doing so, then there can be a case where you will suffer a lot from it, and your granite will lose its shine and spark.

Can cause depletion:– Well, if the cleaner that you have bought is the stronger ones in the chemical concentration, then there is a chance that your granite can start depleting. It is one of the major issues that people face, and it can cause your slab size to go low or can cause a bend over the place of stain.

What to use?

It is not like all the cleaners are not meant for this purpose of use. You can surely make use of the cleaners, which are not that strong and are mild in nature. In this way, you can make your stain to lose its place and hence can get better shining granite at your home! Other than this, you can also use home remedies to clean this stain from your granite slab.


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