Why Should You Use A SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan is a safe investment scheme. It allows investors to invest through a fixed amount at periodic intervals. Through it, salaried individuals may reap the perks of Mutual Funds. However, they should calculate their absolute investment value first.

For this, investors use a SIP Calculator. It helps them evaluate the absolute investment amount. The investor needs to put accurate information on his investment plan. This includes their accumulated amount, rate of returns, and investment period. Once the information is submitted, the calculator gives them a precise estimate.

A SIP Calculator is beneficial in many ways. Apart from giving accurate values, it holds several other advantages. Here are some of them:

Easy to use

A Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is easy to use. It processes the estimated returns based on the information provided. This works great for first-time investors with little investment knowledge. It broadens their understanding of how investments grow over time. Also, it allows them to alter their investment plans strategically.

Quick processing

A SIP Return Calculator has a quick processing time. You only need to provide details about your investment period, accumulated amount, and rate of returns. Apart from this, no extra details are required. This makes the process user-friendly and convenient, too.


Nowadays, SIP Plans are readily available online. Similarly, SIP Calculators may also be availed of online. Most online banking portals offer SIP Calculators right below the investment option.

In most cases, they are free of charge. This allows investors to try out different investment combinations. It helps them pick an ideal plan anytime, anywhere.


Generally, a Mutual Fund Investment isn’t complex. However, without proper knowledge, you could make financial blunders. In such cases, seeking advice from experts is advisable. But not everyone has access to experts.

This is why SIP Calculators are great for self-learning. It lets first-time investors get an in-depth understanding of SIPs. It provides them with relevant information about investment schemes. As a result, they make better investment decisions.

Mobilise savings

When you get clear estimates, you’re enabled to plan better. It helps you mobilise your savings effectively. This is primarily why most investors opt for a SIP Calculator.

A SIP Calculator serves as a reliable investment instrument. It avoids the hassle of manual calculations. Since it computes accurate values, you get to utilise your small savings effectively. Over time, you become well-equipped to achieve your financial goals.


Every investor has a different investment requirement. Some wish for a longer tenure. At the same time, some want a smaller investment amount. Hence, it is crucial to formulate an investment plan that meets your needs.

In such cases, a SIP Calculator comes in handy. It allows you to customise your SIP scheme strategically. By comparing different combinations, you get to make tweaks to your investment plan.

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