Why Should You Use Android 11’s Smart Home Controls?

Technology is an ever-evolving arena, and it has brought some stunning changes in home appliances and other electronic gadgets used inside a house. In today’s world, smart home controls are becoming common each passing day, and it is evolving for the better. However, it can feel a little complicated to use these gadgets and establish communication between them. This is where the Android 11 comes into the picture to simplify any complications you might be facing with the smart home gadgets.

Recently, Android 11 rolled out on Pixel devices, and it made it clear that it is here to change how one used their smart home gadgets and establish communication or integration. So if you have access to Android 11, there are a few ways through which you can simplify your experience.

Quick Controls Menu

Like any other company, Google also thrives on doing better with their gadgets. You can’t deny how the Google Home app offers robust control and experience for accessing smart home devices. These robust controls are also available on the security camera integrated with the app. Using Android 11, you can check the cameras via the latest Quick Controls menu. You can also find a preview screen within the menu so that you can access it easily. Since every second is vital while checking the security cameras, this option will ensure you don’t miss anything.

Granular Controls

With the Android 11 update, Google is also offering a unique feature called Granular Control, which will be available for almost all the smart home gadgets. This feature gives you an elaborated control on the device within the new quick access menu. Using this control, you can tweak the intensity and color of the smart bulb or LED lights, and more. It also allows you to cast your phone’s screen on display.

Additional Security on Accessing Controls

You might know that one can access controls easily by pressing onto the power button, which means that even the kids can access controls without even realizing it. You can prevent this situation as Android 11 has added a security layer for accessing the controls. This additional layer will prevent others (who try to use your phone) from accessing controls on the connected device. Whenever anyone touches your phone for accessing the gadget controls, they would have to bypass the lock screen with a password or go through the authentication procedure. This will protect your phone and keep the smart devices safe from unwanted guests.

Customize According to Your Preferences

As you start integrating more devices on the Google Home app, some features might overlap, making it confusing for you to access the quick controls. Fortunately, you can skip this issue by customizing your experience and use the controls you require most often. You can do so by clicking on the three dots icon. Then, click on the Edit Control option to choose the devices you want to appear in the Quick Controls menu. This option will also help you reduce clutter from the menu and have a clean and customized menu in the interface.

Quick Controls on Your Fingertips

You have probably asked Google Assistant or used the Home app to access control and give commands to the smart home gadgets. But now, you can instantly control the gadgets via Android 11. This feature will let you access controls with a long press on the power button. Doing so will populate all your home devices on the latest interface so that you can easily control them. The controls for the lights, robot vacuum, etc. will remain on your fingertips.

The significant change is in the Quick Control menu, as it is responsible for offering such convenient features on our fingertips. However, there is a lot of scope for improvement in the app and the integrated devices. The most crucial improvement one might want is in their security cameras and audio system and live stream. Overall, this convenience will surely make you update the Android OS on your smartphone.

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