Why Should You Wear a Wetsuit For a Longer Period?

When you think of swimming wetsuits, the first thing that probably comes to mind is trying to stay warm while swimming in cold water. After all, that’s what they were invented for. The intermediate wetsuit is designed to keep you warm when submerged in water in temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degrees depending on style and thickness. One of the benefits of wetsuits is that they really do relieve stress and help you perform better. Knowing that your body will be kept at a very comfortable temperature will allow you to focus more on your actual performance than on how you feel during that performance.

With a wetsuit you can also stay longer in the water. But there are plenty of other reasons to wear a wetsuit in the water.

Keep You Warm in the Water

The main purpose of Triathlon wetsuits is to keep you warm in the water. Not only when the water is cold, but also if you want to stay in the water for more than 30 minutes or more.

Protects the Skin From Sunburn.

If you wear a full suit or a vaporizer, you will protect your entire body from the sun. Except face, arms and legs. You have to put sunscreen on it or of course wear shoes, gloves and a hat ;). You can also wear a shorty or other wetsuit instead of a full wetsuit, but of course you should put on more sunscreen.

Protects the Skin From Damage.

It can protect your skin from minor scrapes and cuts in the water and on land. You are more likely to have a cut or scrape on your wetsuit than on your body. Also, a wetsuit will protect you from small marine life or sea creatures like jellyfish, moths, and sea lice.

More Buoyancy

Wearing a wetsuit helps you swim more easily, which is a great advantage. Due to the natural buoyancy of neoprene, you sit higher in the water than without a wetsuit. This means less drag and a smoother ride. This is especially important for triathletes looking for every possible competitive advantage to save time. Please note that the suit is not buoyant enough to function as a life vest or life preserver.

Faster Swimming Speed

Some triathlon suits have a lining that makes them faster. This coating makes it easier to glide through the water with 15% less resistance. Some professional swimmers say it makes them 5% or 10% faster. Great benefit for triathletes and open water swimmers.

Improve Performance Through Muscle Contraction.

Another benefit of wearing Triathlon wetsuits australia is the automatic contraction of your muscles and joints, allowing you to perform better and longer. While jogging, wearing a suit can feel like you have a compression sleeve on your knee. When you put on a wetsuit, your whole body tenses up and you feel better prepared for the performance. This benefit of orca wetsuits sydney can also help you become a more active swimmer or surfer.

For the most cases, people who wear wetsuits give a clear signal that they take their sport very seriously. This can earn you the respect of other members of the sports communities you are in. This could lead to conversations, new friendships, and new opportunities to learn more about the sport, which means a lot more fun overall.

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