Why SMS Is So Significant to Recruitment Companies


Recruitment agencies are currently facing some challenging instances. Not merely is there elevated competition within the sector, but additionally job vacancies are tougher to come by – partly because of the present economic climate. As a result when an agency obtains a vacancy, possessing the ability to contact candidates straight away and before competitors is definitely an absolute must. Get additional data about 문자사이트

Typically today’s recruitment company faces two key problems:

Recruiting managers send out exactly the same vacancy to a number of agencies. Thus there’s increased competition to fill vacancies before your competitors. This can be compounded by the fact that Recruiting managers normally expect agencies to turn vacancies around and produce a list of appropriate candidates within 24 hours. For those who can’t contact your candidate mainly because they don’t have quick access to email or they’re unable to answer their phone, you may shed out to your competitors. SMS will let you discreetly send a text message to your candidate informing them of one’s vacancy. You might even incorporate a link to a mobile website, enabling them to view the details of your vacancy from their phone.

Lack of candidate loyalty to recruitment agencies. Typically it’s the agency who can obtain a position for the candidate initial that should secure the candidate’s loyalty. So if you cannot alert a candidate to a job vacancy prior to your competitor you threat losing valuable business.

So, if you’re not using SMS within your recruitment agency, you are not only wasting time, that you are also losing business for your competitors.

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