Why spray foam rigs are a smart investment

A spray foam rig is a constructed trailer or box truck assembled for a contractor to be fully turnkey. A high-quality spray foam rig will be configured to balance the component weight distribution, enabling a secure and easy tow. The spray foam rig serves as the applicator’s workspace, so a well-designed rig typically has a reliable barrel bracing system to convey chemicals securely. Tools and supplies can be stored in an organized manner with the help of toolboxes and workbenches.


A self-contained, mobile spray foam rig is a convenient configuration that you can easily transport from one project area to another. It includes all the tools, parts, and accessories you want on a job site. It also gives you a location to safely store your equipment to protect it from the elements and prevent damage and theft.


A spray foam rig is created specifically to satisfy your needs in terms of business, special equipment requirements, and price range. It can be put in a car you supply, or we can assist you in selecting a secondhand trailer or box truck from our stock.


Tips to consider beforehand –


Choosing and deciding on a spray foam rig can be a tough decision. Here are some common tips:


  • Before choosing the best spray foam rig, you shouldfirst determine what the rig will be used for. While some rigs are pre-equipped, you can tailor your spray foam rigs to your needs.


  • Thesubstance you’ll be spraying is a different aspect to consider before you order Graco spray equipment. An air compressor closed-cell spray foam insulation rig is a simple tool to employ for working on your house. These rigs are perfect for small home remodeling jobs. While a more powerful hydraulic machine would work well for other coatings and spray foam if you plan to spray several or hundreds of square feet, it will also work well enough for coatings.


  • Choosing the type of pressure your spray foam insulation rig should have is the third and most crucial step inthe selection, which may alter the amount of equipment and space needed. Choose lesser-power spray foam machinery if you only plan to use it in residential areas. However, you need a larger output hydraulic machine to spray coatings or foam in a non-residential context where much more material is required.


  • Finally, if you’re considering purchasing a spray foam apparatus, don’t overlook the type of trailer you want. The truck you buy must be able to pull the cargo in your trailer easily and meet the requirements of the planned use. Will the rig be deployed in an urban setting or a busy area?


Is a mobile spray foam rig different?


Let us see if a mobile spray foam rig is different.


Any business that sells spray foam insulation would be wise to invest in mobile spray rigs. By enabling job sites to continue operating normally with little downtime, they can significantly increase your business’s productivity and profitability.


A spray rig acts as a self-contained job site, all in one practical, transportable device, for those professionals new to the coatings industry. It is built in a simple way to transfer and transport to your next job site, and it includes all of the spray equipment required to finish a protective coating job.


Spray rigs can provide an enclosed place where all of your necessary tools and supplies are stored safely and are weather-protected.


Types of foam rigs  


There are a variety of spray foam rigs that can fulfill the requirements of any contractor, from the start-up to the well-established business that regularly completes high-volume commercial jobs.


  • Box Trucks:

Companies outfit the equipment right into a box truck to provide customers with a genuinely “all-in-one” experience. They are the best option for a contractor accustomed to high-output situations because these are also the largest rigs.


  • Compact Units:

Although small rigs are the latest inventory member, they are becoming increasingly well-liked. These are the simplest units available and are ideal for beginning contractors. They can also function well as a response team for a sizable fleet, allowing contractors to dispatch someone to handle a small task at any moment.


  • Mobile

Spray foam insulation trailers are available in various sizes and can be towed behind any common work truck or vehicle. They vary in length and height to accommodate multiple pricing ranges and storage requirements. Due to their high versatility and ease of use, towable trailers are typically used by contractors.


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Why choose this particular equipment? Simply, spray foam rigs are uniquely designed for storing, insulating, and safeguarding spray foam machinery, tools, guns, hoses, chemicals, and accessories. They’ll safeguard your company and lessen field downtime. Without a spray foam rig, the following problems are common: Equipment damage caused by improper equipment security or bad weather, wasting time by requiring multiple trucks to move all of your equipment, a lack of organization that adds to the wait time, and material drums kept under unsuitable temperatures.

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