Why Stair Lifts Are Gaining Popularity In Those Houses Where Elder People Live?

With the increasing age, we are no longer as active and mobile as before. Mobility hinders many senior citizens from living a self-sufficient life at home. Sick or injured elders may find it difficult to navigate stairs frequently. This is why many seniors prefer houses with ground-floor entrances for easier access in and out of the home.


However, not all older people prefer single-level homes because there might be an adult child who needs to live near their parents for frequent checkups or perhaps other practical considerations like renovation costs involved in creating a single-level house. In such circumstances, stair lifts become an excellent option to maintain as much independence as possible while staying in your own house. You can contact curved stair lifts Lexington KY for this purpose.


  • Stair lift – Is the right choice for you?


Stairlifts are a great option for anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs. Everyone from young children to seniors who have medical conditions that cause them to be unable to climb stairs uses them. If you have a medical condition that causes you to be unable to climb stairs, a stair lift can be a great option for you.


Your doctor can help you determine if a stair lift is right for you. They will want to know what type of medical condition you have as well as how serious it is. It is important that you only get one if you truly need it. After that, you can contact elevators Lexington KY.


  • Stair lift safety tips


Before using a stair lift, it is necessary to check that it is correctly installed and maintained. The following are some safety tips from curved stair lifts Lexington KY for using a stair lift.


  • You can use a stair lift only if your house has stairs. If not, the device won’t help you.
  • A qualified technician must install the stair lift. Improper installation can result in accidents.
  • The track must be fixed to the left or right side of the stairs. Do not try to fit it in the center of the stairs.
  • The seat of the stair lift must be raised and lowered slowly. If you raise or lower it quickly, it may get stuck between floors.
  • Your hands must not rest on the handrails of the stairs when the seat of the stair lift is rising or descending. If they touch the handrails, they may get injured if the seat suddenly stops.
  • Wear closed-toe footwear while using a stair lift. Open footwear may get entangled in the track of the stair lift.
  • Consult a qualified technician if you notice that the stair lift is making any unusual noise. This may be due to misalignment or lose bolts.


A stair lift is an easy and cost-effective way to make your home more accessible for everyone. It is a great option for people who can’t climb stairs because of injury, old age, or a physical disability. These people can use a stair lift from elevators Lexington KY to travel between floors without assistance.

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