Why Switch to E-Cigs? 5 Most significant Benefits of E-Cigs


E-Cigarettes give 5 key benefits more than standard cigarettes: Get a lot more info about บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า

1. 90% less costly

The equivalent to around 40 cigarettes (1 E-Cig cartridge) costs as low as 1.50 with MagicMist. In comparison with 2 packs of 20 cigarettes costing £18, MagicMist E-Cigs offer you a 92% saving.

Our Ego, Evod and iTaste vapourizers are even cheaper – a bottle of liquid can last 2-3 weeks and costs just £3 – think about vaping for just £1/week!

2. No burning, smoke, tar or ash

Conventional cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemical substances and toxins which includes cyanide. For each 10 packs of 20 cigarettes burned, 2g – about a teaspoon – of tar (comparable to road tar) remains inside your lungs. The harmful effects of smoking don’t come from the tobacco or nicotine itself, but in the smoke created by burning the tobacco.

By comparison our E-Liquid and cartridges contain 5 main ingredients, which are approved for human consumption – nicotine, water, vegetable glycol (used in food and also a product of coconut, soya or palm oil), propylene glycol (that is also used to purify air) and flavouring. Most importantly, due to the fact you happen to be not burning tobacco there’s no dangerous smoke and no tar.

3. Vape virtually anyplace

Gone are the days of smoking in pubs, bars, casinos, public transport, sports venues, music arenas and quite a few friend’s houses and hotel rooms. But E-Cigs haven’t been made illegal to utilize anywhere! Get pleasure from the freedom to vape almost anyplace.

4. No nasty smell – and food will taste improved

Our E-Liquid is scented so that when you vape all your senses appreciate an genuine, realistic smoking experience. But the smell instantly disappears, leaving no nasty burning smell on you or your garments.

Because of this, your sense of smell will come alive once again, supplying huge advantages, probably the most beneficial of that is food tasting significantly much better.

5. Various strengths permit you to quickly control or cut down nicotine intake

Our variety of E-Liquid and cartridges comes in 5 nicotine strengths, including zero nicotine, allowing you to decide on the right level depending in your desires.

Alter strength through the day – for example reduced in the morning usually reduces your want to smoke for the rest of the day.

Adjust strength for distinct occasions – for instance go for a medium strength a lot of the time as well as a high (common) strength for particular occasions including parties and visits for the pub.

Lessen strength over time – E-Cigs can’t but be marketed as smoking cessation devices, so we’re not saying they are going to allow you to give up classic cigarettes. But in case you make the switch, many prospects have written to us and told us how they’ve progressively lowered the nicotine level they use, such as each of the way down to 0!


You can find two forms of E-Cig – regular E-Cigs that are the identical size as tobacco cigarettes, and next generation Vapourizers which are bigger, have 4x longer battery life, and develop substantially far more vapour and taste. Both work similarly having a few subtle differences.

Conventional E-Cigs

A battery tends to make up a lot of the length with the E-Cigarette. It can be connected to a cartomiser cartridge containing the nicotine E-Liquid and an atomizer. When you inhale, the atomizer vapourizers the E-Liquid, turning it into flavoured water vapour containing nicotine.

You inhale this vapour in specifically exactly the same way you would smoke a classic cigarette. It gives the complete experience and satisfaction of smoking, but as there is absolutely no burning there isn’t any smoke, ash or tar.

MagicMist’s industry-leading E-Liquid is cautiously crafted primarily based on user feedback to make the thickest and ideal tasting vapour. A lot of of our cartridges have 20% greater capacity than other brands and all are a minimum of 25% cheaper, generally 60%! MagicMist batteries include the highest capacity, most reliable and longest-lifetime cores out there, and function advanced safety circuity. UltraCore technologies provides the fastest charging time and maximises the age the battery will continue to work for.

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