Why Thank You Cards Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

Getting stuff from other people is awesome no matter what the gift is. Maybe someone gave you one of your new favorite funny coffee mugs, and you’ve been sipping and cherishing it ever since. Yeah, you said “thank you” when you got it, but when you really, really like a gift or are super appreciative of something someone did for you, you should match that kindness with a handwritten thank you note. It’s just the right thing to do.

There’s an art to writing a heartfelt, smile-inducing thank you card. But it seems like they are going the way of the dodo bird in this like and share era—which simply should not be the case. Here are a few reasons why thank you cards are more important now than ever before.

Because We Don’t Send Them as Often as We Should

Remember how mom made you sit down and write thank you cards every January after the holidays? It was a hassle then, and it left a bad taste for many of us, so once we grew up, we got lazy and stopped sending them pretty much altogether. Because we aren’t big fans of saying “thank you” the hard way, we’ve created a culture where simply “liking” a happy birthday comment on social media is enough. You’re better than that and you know it. If you want to stand out and show people that you’re thoughtful, caring, kind of perfect, and all of that good stuff, you gotta break the mold, get out your cute stationery, and start writing! It’s worth it every time.

It Keeps the Tradition Alive

There’s an art to writing and sending the perfect card, and it’s an art that people have practiced forever. Whether sending baby cards to all of your new parent buds or a thank you card to your friend who watered your succulents while you were on vacay, every time you seal an envelope and stick a stamp you’re celebrating the tradition that has kept us in contact with one another for hundreds of years—now that’s old-school cool.

It Feels Nice to Get a Card Through Snail Mail

Snail mail is still a big part of life, but most of us dread checking the mail because the only things waiting for us are typically bills and junk mail that is killing the environment (bummer). Yeah, it doesn’t feel all that exciting or great when the power company sends you your bill every month, but every once in a while, when a personal note or card from a friend arrives, it is the sweetest.

Taking the time to write a note or card, even if it’s just a couple of sentences long, can put a smile on someone’s face and totally make their day. While a thoughtful email can show your appreciation, nothing tops the experience of opening and reading a piece of snail mail. If you’re worried that all of your card and stationery options are plain and old-school, have no fear! Companies like Talking Out of Turn (TOOT)are experts in making stationery and cards for the modern, quirky age.

About Talking Out of Turn

If you’re looking for the cutest, most creative, and funniest cards, mugs, bags, and general life goodies, Talking Out of Turn (TOOT) has your back. TOOT is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, where they craft their handmade products, including cute bags, by hand, the hard way, with flashy, sassy designs that send a message. TOOT’s products put a quirky, whimsical, and good-time-lovin’ spin on the everyday stuff in your daily life, including funny coffee mugs, cute stationery, desk sets, tote bags, and even baby cards. Working with a variety of unique artists gives TOOT a colorful edge—their products will help you get through the workweek and make it to the weekend in style.

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