Why the Rootkit scan not activated by default?

There has been a question which has been asked for many times, users were very much interested in knowing about the Rootkit. As there were number of people asking why the Rootkit scan not activated by default. So we would want to give clear and exact information to the users about the Rootkit. As the default version of Malwarebytes which is not paid will not have the function as Rootkit allows the process of scanning to go much faster. And this function is not included in in the default version.

If users are looking to activate or use the Rootkit function than they will have to switch to the premium package for activating it. Root kit has a function to change the low level scan to the hyper speed scan. So if users are looking to make their work faster than it is better to jump into premium version. For more information about Malwarebytes call Malwarebytes Technical Support Number at 1-800-983-8119.

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