Why Third-Party Testing Matters in CBD

CBD is big right now, and it seems like new brands set up shop every day. With so many options out there, the lines can start to blur, and separating the legit from the trend chasers is getting a little harder. One thing you can rely on for identifying a great CBD product is the third-party testing process. All of the best brands like Ignite test their CBD products before they go out to consumers. But the CBD world is a bit of a Wild West, and not everyone does thorough potency testing. They should, though, for the following reasons:

cbdvape_lucid_appleberry_2048x2048It Tests for Purity and Concentration

There’s more that goes into a bottle of CBD drops or a disposable CBD vape than just pure CBD extract. Carrier oil is a necessary component, and maybe a brand uses flavorings. Beyond these simple ingredients, however, there really shouldn’t be much else. Unfortunately, as with pretty much every product out there, there are going to be lower-quality variations that use fillers, artificial flavorings, and may not have as much CBD concentration as advertised.

A third-party lab test will be able to break down the validity of a brand’s ingredients label as well as the CBD concentration advertised. It will also confirm that the product meets or exceeds federal standards. When a brand takes pride in how they source and create their CBD products, they’re more likely to do third-party testing.

All of these things are important to understand, but the THC ratio, pesticides, and residual solvents might be the most crucial. Every brand needs to make sure their CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC to be federally legal, but great brands will aim to achieve 0.0%. The best brands will also take great care in the sourcing and manufacturing process to make sure no contaminants or residual solvents are present in the final products, and third-party testing can confirm the purity of the results.

It Keeps Everyone Honest

People have a right to know what’s in the CBD oil they’re thinking about purchasing. You want to only buy from a brand that clearly labels what’s in their CBD products, along with what’s not in it like THC or pesticides. Even if the website looks flashy and the products have cool logos, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The best brands aren’t afraid to tell you what goes into their CBD products.

In addition to testing, you want to read what other people are saying about the product before you buy it. Strangers on the internet can be surprisingly good sources, and they aren’t shy about airing out their opinions, good or bad, about CBD. So, before you hit the “buy” button on that new CBD oil vape, learn more about the brand, their testing practices, and what people are saying about it.

About Ignite

Ignite stands above the rest thanks to their unapologetic commitment to quality, variety, and producing the best products for their customers. The company was founded by Instagram star Dan Bilzerian and remains his brainchild, from their premium CBD to their attitude. They believe in results, not empty promises, so they source all of their ingredients from the best cultivators in the country and ensure everything goes through a stringent third-party testing process. On their site, you can pick up a CBD vape pen, CBD drops, and even CBD infused toothpicks. No matter how you prefer to take your CBD—make sure it’s Ignite.

Learn more about Ignite’s CBD vapes and more at Ignitecbd.co

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