Why This Is So Difficult To Do MBBS in India as Compare to MBBS in China

After completing 10th every student go through a question which stream he/she should choose so they can start their further studies, but the question is still remaining, which stream should be chosen for the higher education, some students choose mathematics, some chooses commerce some student chooses the art subjects but why student don’t choose Biology easily on a large number such as they choose mathematics, commerce and other art subjects , the answer is to fear from the medical entrance exam in India, it is easy to be an Engineer, CA, IIT even an IAS officer in India  but it is difficult to do MBBS in India as compare to MBBS in china, we will discuss here about the reasons.

Reason’s to Choose Study MBBS in China

  • There are certain important reasons why student don’t choose biology easily in India because this is so difficult to crack medical entrance exam in India called AIPMT (All India Premedical Test).
  • The fee criteria is very high in private medical colleges in India approx 50-70 Lakh INR to completing MBBS.

Both the situations are major issues to admission in MBBS College, first thing, student already is not selecting in entrance (PMT) due to high competition in India.

Second, the fee structure of private medical colleges is worst than anything here, which is so much expensive; a middle class family even can’t think to prepare their child as a doctor.

Where medical education is so expensive in India but MBBS in China is cheaper than India you can complete your full MBBS with in 20 Lakh INR in china, which is so much cheaper than any other country, more important plus point is to study MBBS in China their selection process for MBBS education is easy as compare to India where in India student need to select in PMT for entrance of medical college , Chinese medical universities allows international students to get admission in MBBS in china education with 70% marks in 12 standard in the stream of PCBM  and qualifying marks in NEET is sufficient.

There are three mediums –

  • First is in Chinese
  • Second is in bilingual
  • Third is in full English

In Chinese: Your entire syllabus will be in Chinese but as a non Chinese student obviously you will not choose Chinese

Bilingual: Chinese medical education system also provides the Bilingual medium where study MBBS in China environment and teachers you will get would communicate in both languages English and Chinese as well so this also not the best option for you

 Full English: Third one option is to study MBBS in China choose your course in full English so your entire syllabus and your teachers will communicate only in English it would be easy to understand.

You may apply for your dream job and working as a doctor after studying MBBS in China could be possible, if you are losing your hope to work as a doctor due to not cracking the entrance exam in India, just don’t lose hope, you can start your medical education from china and after returning from there you will be authorised to practicing as a doctor in India.

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