Why UAE prefers to hire frozen trucks?

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UAE is a massive and continuously growing economy with many different types of emerging industries. Every industry specializes in different kinds of goods and services. Even though these industries have come forth due to the needs and wants of the market, yet the operations of these industries creates a further market needs. For instance, the industries that are operating, producing and working with perishable or temperature sensitive goods require a temperature controlled storage and transport facility for their product to maintain quality or even freshness in some cases. The necessity for such a specialized transport has created a need for temperature controlled transport in the market.

This new need has led to the emergence of agencies that provide temperature controlled transport or also known as frozen trucks. The types of industries that require this type of specialized transport has very precise and time sensitive requirements because of the properties of their products.

Examples of industries that are looking to hire temperature controlled transport include the fruits and vegetables industries, flower importers, frozen dessert industry, frozen or fresh meat industry, oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc, which so ever kinds of industry it may be, the products have specified handling and temperature needs in accordance with its properties.

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The produce or also known as the fruit and vegetable industry deals with fast perishable goods that need prompt transportation in a temperature controlled setting to avoid them from rotting. Similarly, the frozen dessert industry that works with dairy based products like ice creams or cream cakes also require a refrigerated transport to easily get it to stores and then to their customers. Slaughter houses and factories producing raw meat and its products also aware of the sensitivity to temperature of their product during transport. They are often transported from an emirate to many others and even imported and moved from the shipping docks to throughout the country. Another industry that is extracting, refining and shipping a very heat sensitive product throughout the world is the oil and gas industry. The flammable property of these fuels requires transport that provides a cold environment during transit. The evolving lifestyle of the people of UAE has also led to the common use of imported products like flowers, but they too are very sensitive and require refrigerated transport as well. The vast population of UAE also needs a great amount of pharmaceuticals, which a prone to chemical reactions and change in properties if exposed to heat. This leads to the need for specified frozen trucks that carry medicine throughout the country with ease.

Since a large number of industries need special temperature controlled transport to safely carry their products across long and short distances, the place of temperature controlled transport industry has made a place in the economy. As their customers are those mostly producing perishable goods, it is not necessary that they be transported in large quantities and as a fact they are often shipped in smaller quantities for which they require refrigerated transport that can carry smaller amounts of their product. Agencies around UAE have a range of temperature controlled transport to cater to all such and other individual needs of their customers.

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The trend of using frozen truck rental services has increased rapidly in the past years as a number of reputable transport companies around UAE have started to rent out refrigerated transport at affordable prices. These companies own and operated a varied range of such transportation and have trained drivers to operate different kinds of mediums for different kinds of customers. They are also educated on the sensitivity of every kind of product they transport and its exact temperature requirements.

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