Why use a pre filled communion cup?

It’s straightforward to notice the need for a sanitary and time-efficient method to prepare the Holy Communion. The preparation for Lord’s suppers should be stress-free and easily manageable. This is why some houses of worship houses are looking out for innovative solutions to adapt. Prefilled Communion cups are one of the answers. Typically, these containers have grape juice at the bottom and come with a single wafer sealed securely in a separate compartment, mostly at the top. Here is a list of reasons why you should use the prepackaged communion cups.


There will be no preparation for Holy Communion at all. You can now serve Holy Communion effortlessly using prepackaged communion cups. The cups come with altar bread, wafer, or juice in the same package. By opting for the cups, you minimize preparation time and avoid messy spills. These cups are suitable for use for both small to a large number of congregants. They are much more useful for lager conferences where the logistics of serving Holy Communion are more overwhelming and time-consuming.

Easy to Use

Accessing the prefilled cup content is as easy as ABC. You just peel the transparent foil on the top layer to access the wafer. Similarly, peeling the second foil will give you access to the communion juice. Both young and old persons will be able to open the prepackaged communion cup without a struggle. Unlike traditional open containers, you can store these prepackaged cups and serve them again later. Since the cups are made of plastic, you can recycle the opened packages.

Safe and sanitary Packaging

The wafer and the communion juice are made without any harmful additives. The cups ensure more sanitary handling allowing you to be the only one touching the bread before you partake it. The company designs the packaging and sealing process to ensure the prefilled communion cups are safe and sanitary. All this process is meant to avoid any health issues that might arise from the cup’s content.

No wastage

You don’t want the communion juice to spill on the congregant’s Bibles or outfits and get everyone messy. The most significant advantage of using prepackaged cups is that there will be no unnecessary spillages during the serving process. The containers can also be transported without spillage. This saves money by ensuring you get the full benefits of your spending.

Long shelf life: 3 to 6 Months

If you don’t have a refrigerator at your Church, don’t worry. The prepackaged cups with wafers doesn’t need to be refrigerated to remain fresh. They can stay for six months without going bad. To avoid ordering the Communion now and then, you can buy so many of them as they can stay very fresh for a long time.

The prefilled communion cups are worth using. From guaranteed freshness to hygiene packaging and time-saving, the cups will meet your Holy communion fellowship needs.

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