Why Use A Water Fountain Pen?

With a wide variety of pens for writing on the market which are both simple to use and reasonably priced, you may question, “Why possess a fountain pen?” You have ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, alternative pens, mechanised pencils, Sharpies, markers… almost all very able writing pens that only cost a few dollars and get the job done. Why are fountain pens consequently special that many people will certainly spend tens, hundreds as well as thousands on one?

Why  Use A Fountain Pen ? Which Are The Benefits?

Fountain pens have a variety of benefits. Whilst they are eventually just writing tools that place ink to paper, to individuals who utilize them they truly are a lot more than that. Some benefits may be physical, while some could be mental. I will tell you some of the benefits to get a concept of what all of the fuss using a fountain pen are really all about.

They Could Be Better To Write With

Many people use a  fountain pen since they see them better to write with than other designs of pens. They can be found in numerous diameters, dumbbells and measures, that provides a substantial amount of flexibility whenever choosing a pen. Fountain pens  additionally require much less pressure to write with. Because the ink is generally pulled from the pen through capillary actions, it requires small to zero pressure to place ink in writing that may decrease hand exhaustion throughout long periods of writing.

They Have Different Shapes and Sizes of Nibs

Fountain pens contain different sizes and shapes of nibs. This enables you to find the perfect nib for what you are writing. Although some people choose one kind of a nib, others prefer a collection. While an excellent nib may be ideal for writing notes, a flexible nib could be favored for a notice since it can truly add more personality to your writing. No matter which kind of nib you like, the capability to have different writing pens, which have significantly different composing faculties, are among the major sights of fountain pens.

You Will Find Countless Colors Of Ink


Just as nibs can provide personality to your writing, printer ink can as well. The range of different inks that exist today is usually overwhelming. Every ink offers unique faculties and a distinctive color, every option can look and function somewhat differently based on which pen you use that in. Which means that with just a couple different pens and ink you could have a number of different writing options. Set alongside the standard blue and dark, which can be an average of available with roller balls and ballpoints, you can see how appealing it could be to have a selection of colors to add spice to your writing.

They’re Are Not Designed To Be Thrown Away

Most lamy fountain pens are not designed to be disposable. Whether you are a person who cares regarding the environment and cringes each time you throw a bit of plastic material in to the rubbish or are somebody who favors to invest their money on top quality items, which can last for quite some time, a fountain pen, ought to satisfy you. Even fountain pens, which are disposable, can simply be refilled.


Ideally, this short article has helped answer fully the question “Why use a fountain pen? ”. While they will just take more effort than almost every other pen, tend to be more costly and so are a bit more meticulous when compared to a roller ball or ballpoint pen, for many people the huge benefits far surpass the disadvantages. It does not matter should you be an enthusiast, an environmentalist, somebody with hand discomfort or simply an individual who wants an excellent writing encounter, a fountain pen is among the most readily useful devices for writing around.

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