Why Use ELITONE as a Kegels Device

As a woman, having days when you cannot hold urine because of a leak issue can mess up your entire social life. However, it does not have to be this way since there are effective treatments available. If you have been struggling to keep your stress incontinence problem under control, with ELITONE, you can say goodbye to days with leaks and enjoy non-surgical stress incontinence treatment.


ELITONE is an FDA-cleared device that effectively helps women with urinary leaks to regain control of their bladders and hold urine for longer. It is a safe-to-use device that one can use any time of the day, anywhere that they are, with optimal comfort and efficacy. Whether you have been struggling with leaks caused by stress incontinence for months or years, with ELITONE, you can enjoy the best pelvic floor therapy and make your pelvic floor muscles stronger.


By using ELITONE, you get not only a patented medical kegels device but also one that is cleared by the FDA and recommended by gynecologists. It is beneficial because this pelvic floor exerciser offers conservative and non-invasive treatment options for the one in three women that suffer from stress incontinence. As a first of its kind, it promises to help women regain control of their weak bladders by offering targeted stimulation to the pelvic floor area.

If you have heard of a pelvic floor exerciser, then ELITONE is a good example of it. Unlike the past options for pelvic floor therapy, such as uncomfortable vaginally inserted devices, this device offers an innovative, non-invasive, and clinically-effective alternative. You, too, can try it today if you experience leaks every time that you exercise or do heavy-duty lifting.

Get an Effective Pelvic Floor Exercise Regimen

With ELITONE, you can finally have a pelvic floor exerciser that is effective for maintaining the health of your pelvic floor area. It will offer the muscles the right pelvic floor therapy, strengthening them in the process and keeping leaks at bay. Make your order today from the elitone.com website and enjoy free deliveries.

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