Why use Natural felt mats and pads:

Felt rug protect the surface of your device and your desk. This delicate technology protects against scratches and scuffs and the surface of the desk and keeps everything beautiful for a long time.


  • GOOD LOOKS:felt mat is made of first-class felt, non-slip, soft and comfortable surface, ideal for gaming sensors. Simple and elegant fashion design will be a great desk decoration and accessory for you.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to clean and wash, felt ball rug Australia is built to hold and has seams on the edges to prevent it from fraying or fraying like other table cushions. If you spill a drink or put food in it, you can also wash and clean it.
  • NON-SLIP:This pad will not slip on your desk while in use. Felt wholesale Australia supplies it.
  • QUALITY:Weighs only 155g and is easy to carry. The rectangular design, measuring 635 mm x 330 mm, fits perfectly on the table.

Rainbow rug

The perfect finishing touch to your nursery, this rainbow rug is elegant and classic. With a pink color scheme, this rug complements the interior of the bedroom. 

Tips for cats on using the new basket

 To begin with, cats are stubborn and do not tell you what to do or where to sit. They are curious and will continue to arouse curiosity.

Tip 1: Give it some time

Not everyone moves to a new bed, but they will definitely find something new in their area.

Remember that most cats follow a routine; they have a so-called circadian rhythm. However, this routine changes over time, such as the seasons, which can change their daily behaviour. Therefore, consider that the cat will never use the new cat basket instead of concluding after two weeks. Give the cat time to adapt and discover.

 Tip 2 – Try different places

If you observe cats during the day, you will find that they do not always have a stable place to stay (except for sick and elderly cats). After playing in the afternoon, it is a sun-warmed window sill in the morning and can be the tallest cat tower. Your cat will move from place to place, and there are several safe places to sleep, bath and relax. Respond to this action and find an attractive place to put your new big cat basket. 

 Tip 3: Climb higher

The higher the felt cat cave is, the more cats love high, safe places. It gives them a good look around, and they feel safe and solid. It makes sense to know that some cats may have difficulty finding a new place to sleep on the floor. Try somewhere a little higher.

 Sea animal toys

There are lots of goodie bag fillers and great toy sea animals for kids’ parties with a fish theme! Plastic toy animals are realistic and accurate depictions of real life, making them the perfect dioramas and educational sea animal toys for students exploring marine life.

  • Party Whale:The perfect nautical theme bag for a birthday party for kids.
  • Educational games:Provides information about wildlife. Encourage imaginative play and animal empathy

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