Why Use Ocean Freight Services?

Now a day everything we see, or use is imported from some foreign country such as Europe, China, or Africa. From the cereal and milk, we eat and drink to the clothes we wear and the vehicles we use are all manufactured in some foreign country and shipped to us via international shipping lines.
International travel and transport are most often done via ocean freight as opposed to land transportation or air freight. We have often heard the term ocean freight used interchangeably, but how many of us know what it means? Keep reading to learn more about ocean freight and the ocean freight charges that makes it the most feasible and economical solution for International transport and deliveries.

What is Ocean Freight?

Ocean freight involves the use of the world’s oceans and large waterways as a route for the transportation of goods and various shipments across countries and seas. These goods are transported using large cargo vessels, ships, and sea containers. Ocean freight is quite a common mode of transport and as a result, many companies offer ocean freight services that cover the handling and transportation of shipments and clearing of goods from the ports.

What are The Benefits of Using Ocean Freight?

  • It is a very efficient mode of transport that allows large quantities of goods to be shipped across long distances.
  • It is a highly safe and secure mode of delivery of hazardous materials and dangerous goods as cargo vessels are built to carry such goods with extra concerns for sealing and locking packages and access points in cargo vessels.
  • It is a more environmentally friendly approach that uses less carbon footprint when compared to land and air transport. There is also less pollution involved in ocean freight.
  • It is a more convenient and hassle-free mode of international transport that can be done with the help of an ocean freight services company.
  • It is a highly economical choice as ocean freight charges are much lower compared to the other modes of transport.

Is Ocean Freight Rates Comparatively Cheaper?

The answer is yes! Ocean freight rates are cheaper than other options like air freight. Research statistics have it that ocean freight charges are cheaper than air freight by around three or four times. This makes ocean freight a very economical option.
If you are looking for a good ocean freight company iFreight is the best choice you have got as it offers a premium quality service at affordable ocean freight charges.

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