Why use perfect money and what are its benefits?

Below I will mention the main advantages why you should use the Perfect Money payment processor.

  • Allows you to receive, send or withdraw perfect money to paypal worldwide, without restrictions. It also allows you to buy and pay for products and services safely.
  • It allows you to buy different types of currencies from your platform such as bitcoins, metal gold, as well as USD and EUR currencies online, being able to receive, manage or save in any of these denominations.
  • Perfect Money users can easily convert their funds to other electronic currencies at affordable prices and instantly thanks to their exchange service.
  • Perfect Money system users can opt for one of the three different types of account memberships that are available: Normal, Premium and Partner.
  • Diversity of measures of maximum security of the funds: verification by SMS, protection with code card, blocking by API, or simple authentication of the user.
  • Free application for Android and iOS devices.

Open your account now in Perfect Money

You will access a form to create a new account that you must complete with your real data; name, address, mail (preferably Gmail), type of account (personal or business) and password (preferably uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and a special character). You must complete a captcha, accept the terms and conditions and click on register to create your Perfect Money account.

Now you must go to your email account where they will welcome you and a customer ID code to be able to access the Perfect Money page. With this data you access through login, where you must enter the customer ID, the password you entered and nothing else, just solve a simple enter captcha and enter your personal account.

Main characteristics of Perfect Money

  • Receive perfect money to bank payments over the Internet such as HYIPS and PTCs.
  • Send bitcoin to perfect money to a multitude of pages and online businesses.
  • Purchase products and services safely.
  • Buy currencies online.
  • Instant transactions between Perfect Money users and can do perfect money to western union
  • Maximum security of our funds with measures such as: verification by SMS, protection with code card, IP blocking, and so on.
  • Mobile application with Android and iPhone operating system.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal in Perfect Money

Perfect Money has a large number of deposit and withdrawal options like perfect money to bitcoin that allow for very fast and unhindered transactions.

  • Deposits: Bank transfer, e-Voucher, associated exchange points, bitcoin to paypal and credit exchange.
  • Withdrawals: bitcoin to bank, e-Voucher, associated exchange points, bitcoin and credit exchange.

How to verify our Perfect Money account

Although from this moment we can start receiving and sending payments without any problem, it is interesting to know the advantages of checking our account. To do this, let’s start by seeing what we will find as soon as we enter our Perfect Money account.

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