Why Use Spray Foam For Your Basement Insulation?

A house with a basement is a blessing in most cases. You can use it in so many ways! An extra bedroom? A storage space? Or to hold some secret cult meeting? The basement can cover it all! However, it would help if you also made sure the basement remains a warm and secure place. Hence, basement insulation remains the best solution to overcome all the challenges you might face if you have a basement in your home. Ontario has several contractors to help you out. But first, let’s take a look at some of the challenges you are most likely to face.

What happens if your basement is not insulated?

Several things can occur if you do not opt for insulating your basement. Most of the challenges would be naturally arising; hence, there will not be much you can do except applying spray foam insulation!

• Places such as Toronto and Ontario tend to get very chilly during winters. Since the basement is already below the ground floor, the cold can permeate through the floor, and the walls make it extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, if your basement is freezing, you can often feel cold shafts entering the rest of the house from below.

• Moisture can easily seep up from the floor and make the basement moist and cold simultaneously. The moisture accumulated in walls can lead to the growth of fungus and mildew. It can be far more damaging as it can render your building structure weak.

• With moisture accumulation into the basement, you can often find a foul smell permeating through the air. Even if you use it as a storeroom, you can find the smell on all your belongings. It can get frustrating as you will find yourself cleaning every piece of item you take out from there!

• Several insects and bugs can easily crawl up into your basement with every crack or gap it can get. These insects can be harmful as they can shred or destroy perishable belongings to a great extent.

• There is no guarantee that your neighbors will be very peace-loving. They could be playing loud music in the middle of the night or quarreling among themselves. If you wish to enjoy some quiet time, it is recommendable to apply spray foam insulation.

How can spray foam insulation help you?

Although some traditional ways of insulation exist, including crawl spaces and fiberglass, spray foam is the best option due to several factors. You can apply it easily over various substrates! Let’s check out how spray foam insulation can help you!

• Spray foam is highly expandable, and thus, it fills all your nooks and corners and make them impervious to air and moisture. It protects your building from fungus and other insect invasions.

• There are two types of spray foam insulation from which you can choose the perfect one. The closed-cell spray typically expands up to 10 times its original volume and can keep out the cold air to a great extent. On the contrary, the open-cell spray foam can expand up to 130 times its original volume and has trapped air pockets within it. The latter one is exceptionally suitable for spaces that require “room to breathe.” Experts suggest that you apply open-cell spray foam on your basement interiors, while the exterior walls can use closed-cell spray foam. In any case, it is recommendable to talk to your contractors regarding the best application.

• You can save up on much of your energy bills by using spray foam insulation. If the basement is chilly and the cold drafts start blowing, invading into other parts of the building, the chances are that you will be overusing your heaters. Spray foam helps in regulating the temperature inside the basement. In other words, it can trap the heat. Thus you will have warm winters and cool summers in the basement!

• Spray foam insulation helps in cutting down outside noise. So, do you have some essential official work? An exam the next day? Get all your job done in absolute peace!

Spray foam insulation is easily applicable, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. Although the initial cost can be higher than fiberglass insulation, you will find that spray foam is the best investment to make in the long run! Therefore, contact your service providers today!

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