Why Webroot Won’t Download Anything on My Computer?

Webroot Antivirus is a Colorado-based company which has been developing privacy and security antivirus software since 1997. And now the company offers a range of home and business antivirus packages with the SecureAnywhere brand. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus has a very short but attractive feature such as real-time threat protection, anti-ransomware, real-time anti-phishing, and a sort-of firewall thrown. The Webroot security software is one of the best antiviruses on the market these days. But best doesn’t mean perfect, sometimes webroot created issues or errors in downloading the application on your system.

Sometimes, while downloading the software or applications on your system it Won’t download or a message appears on the screen unable to download. The reason behind is that the Webroot antivirus. It can’t permit any of the unauthorized software or application in your system, or many other reasons we discussed below.

How to Get Rid of Webroot Won’t Download Anything on My Computer?

Most of the computer users can easily download the files from the Internet with no issue occur. But sometime you may experience an error or issue that will not allow you to download anything from the Internet on your system. Generally, you can quickly resolve these issue with some simple troubleshooting steps. More often, you might simply have too strict of security settings in your system or webroot deny to download the unauthorized files from the internet. Some of the steps are given below to troubleshoot your problem, follow these steps in ascending order.

Method-1: Turn Down your Security Setting

For start downloading again on your system, you have to follow these steps-

Step-1: Go to the browser’s security settings on your system.

 Step-2: You can change all settings to the default or low settings from your setting option.

Step-3: You might see an option there for “Enabling Downloading”.

If this method doesn’t help you then follow the second method given below-

Method-2:  Get a New Web Browser on your Computer

Follow these steps carefully, this will help you in downloading again.

Step-1: Get a new Web browser.

Step-2: It might be possible that you have installed your web browser improperly. So, reinstall your Web browser properly.

Step-3: Instead, install a new Web browser and see that if you can download files by using it or not. Because sometimes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and other free web browsers will create a problem in downloading it.

 Method-3: Update the Webroot Antivirus

This is the last method which can surely help you. And again you are able to download anything on your computer. Steps are given below-

Step-1: Right-click on Webroot SecureAnywhere software systray icon.

Step-2:  Then, choose to Check for the updates button.

Step-3: Download the installation file from a link you will receive with your accounts and install over the existing build.

After completing the process you will download anything again on your computer. But these 3 methods are still not worked then don’t be afraid you have another option, you can connect with the Webroot customer service team. The technicians and experts of Webroot are available 24*7 to help you. For instant help, dial the toll-free number of the Webroot customer support.

Source: https://webroot-support.com/blog/why-webroot-wont-download-anything-on-my-computer/

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