Why You Need A Forex Mentor

When you get admission into college, you’re naïve and need someone to guide you through. Even when you were born, your parents didn’t think you could take care of yourself, and so they hired a nanny. This caregiver stayed with you and nurtured you to adulthood. It is the same situation with every skill we want to acquire in life. While learning, you need someone to take you by the hand and mentor you.

For forex trading, you need a forex mentor. Forex trading is exciting and fulfilling; however, the risks shouldn’t be underestimated. Having an experienced forex mentor by your side is all you need to cut down on unnecessary loss.

Why do you need a forex mentor? Here are some reasons I have outlined:

Trial and error is a terrible way to learn

Trial and error are the worst ways to learn forex. Yes, you heard me. Life is too short to make avoidable mistakes over and over again. When you do that, you make so many mistakes that could weigh you down and make you give up. If you are playing a game without money, it is okay to make several mistakes and not bother. However, if your hard-earned money is involved, you need a forex mentor that has walked through the paths several times.

Trade consistently

Forex trading involves a certain kind of consistency that newbies don’t understand. Even when rookies try to create strategies themselves, you find that it fails, and their money goes down the drains. An experienced forex mentor would highlight the common mistakes in strategy and risk management. Why then should you bother about a trial and error strategy someone has everything figured out?

A forex mentor shortens your learning curve

Many times, newbie traders have approached me and ask how long it takes to learn forex. I don’t give a direct answer. I tell them it depends on their mentor. And yes, that’s true. Learning forex trade requires time, dedication, and high-quality education. Time and commitment depend on the learner, but high-quality education relies solely on the mentor. They help you understand why you are not succeeding and suggest ways of correcting the anomaly. Most persons do not have the time to study Forex techniques or develop trading systems. As a result, you need a forex mentor.

Information overload

Virtually everyone you meet has an opinion on forex. The internet is also awash with tips and strategies for forex trading. However, most of what we see online is misleading. They are deliberately crafted to lure you in and make you lose money. It takes a mentor to sifter through this pool of information and helps you make a profit.

If you are in Asia, you can contact an Asia forex mentor to get started. They’ll take you by the hand and teach you one term at a time.


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