Why You Need Direct Primary Care and Where You Can Find it in Washington or Hermann, Missouri

Healthcare is expensive. Not only that, but it is common to get surprise medical bills in the mail with outrageous prices for basic medical care and procedures. Most healthcare plans are costly and do not provide the coverage you need or they have very high co pays. But there is this new amazing concept called Direct Primary Care, and it is absolutely life-changing.

So, let’s talk about a typical doctor’s appointment where you have a high copay health insurance plan. You walk in and present your insurance card. You are prepared to see the doctor for about 30 minutes as this is just a routine annual appointment. But your doctor notices that you have a slight murmur, so he decides to order an EKG. You don’t think much of it and head home, confident that your health insurance plan will cover it since your physician requested this procedure. But, surprise! Two weeks later, you receive a bill for hundreds of dollars.

Do you want to run the risk of finding yourself in a situation like this? No. Consider Direct Primary Care with New Freedom Family Medicine. Dr. Jennifer Allen’s offices in Hermann and Washington, Missouri are here to help! With a Direct Primary Care membership, you only have to make a single monthly payment. This once-a-month payment will cover all basic medical needs like physicals, annuals or consultations for sick visits. This is the beauty of Direct Primary Care. No need to worry about outrageous or surprise bills.

A truly dedicated medical professional will put your health above everything else, even the possibility of significant profits. The doctor you are looking for is Dr. Jennifer Allen at New Freedom Family Medicine. Ask her about Direct Primary Care!

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