Why You Need Microsoft Windows Server 2019 For Business Operations


Today’s businesses require a more comprehensive set of virtualization and cloud solutions to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive business growth. This can be achieved by implementing Microsoft Windows Server 2019 as part of your company’s IT infrastructure.


As an advanced version of the Windows 8.1 Server operating system, this software solution is a powerful hybrid cloud solution that increases security and uptime while reducing costs. Here we explore why you need Windows Server 2019 for business operations.


  • Better data security with Windows Server 2019


The security of your company’s customer data is of utmost importance. If your data is stolen, it can be sold or misused, putting your customers at risk. With Windows Server 2019, you can rest assured that your data is secure. This operating system is designed with a built-in hybrid encryption solution that protects all data in transit or at rest.


Additionally, the system supports multiple authentication methods, making it easy for employees to log in securely. Microsoft Windows Server 2019 standard 16 cores also offer enhanced security for hybrid environments by integrating Azure Authentication. This allows you to choose between Active Directory-based authentication or Azure authentication for single sign-on. This added flexibility allows you to select the authentication method that best fits your company’s needs.


  • Cloud-Based collaboration with Windows Server 2019


Windows Server 2019 provides a complete hybrid cloud solution that allows you to seamlessly share data and collaborate between your company and partners. This solution includes built-in integration with Azure and Office 365, allowing you to quickly and easily set up collaboration apps, such as OneNote and SharePoint.


You can also take advantage of the enhanced Hybrid Cloud Management feature, which allows you to manage your hybrid cloud environment with ease. The built-in hybrid functionality of Windows Server 2019 allows you to seamlessly transfer data between your on-premises and cloud-based environments. This gives you increased flexibility and enables your company to use the right technologies at the right time.


  • Enhanced virtual machine management with Windows Server 2019


One of the biggest benefits of virtualization is being able to quickly create and scale a new server whenever you need it. However, with traditional virtualization solutions, you may need to spend time reconfiguring the server once it’s up and running.


With Microsoft Windows Server 2019 essentials, you have the option to use Azure Hybrid Virtual Machines, which allow you to quickly provision and deploy VMs. This solution also integrates with Azure Hybrid Benefit to allow you to run your VMs on Azure with minimal upfront costs.


  • How to install and migrate to Windows Server 2019?


The best way to understand the benefits of Windows Server 2019 is to implement the solution in your organization. You can do this by installing Windows Server 2019 on your company’s servers. However, if your servers are already running an older version of the Windows Server operating system, you may need to migrate to the latest version.


Before migrating, you should have complete and up-to-date documentation of your current environment. This will allow you to create a plan to migrate and document every aspect of your current systems. You should also thoroughly test your migration plan before migrating to avoid unexpected issues and downtime.


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