Though you may have come across the words “manufactured home,” you may not understand what it means. For years, manufactured homes have also been known as mobile homes. These homes are said to be temporary and of poor quality. Now, manufactured homes are different from the ones many people knew.

Manufactured homes are factory-built homes that can be carried anywhere and installed in a chosen site with or without a long-term structure.

With the increase in home expenses, people are looking for a way to save money and time. Manufactured houses meet standard housing needs at a lower price.

There are thousands of manufactured homes to choose from, and depending on your financial situation. If you are on a budget, some units are single-section. You can also get skirting parts to beautify your manufactured homes.

Why you need to consider getting Skirting Parts for your Manufactured Home

Presently, you will notice that the finishing outside is similar to conventional homes. To customize your mobile home or beautify your existing one, opt for decorator touches, like brick-work, stone design, or stucco trim. The latest skirting also gives a permanent feel. Instead of using out-of-date corrugated aluminum sheeting, Nixon Mobile Homes skirting materials are designed to match the style, color, and texture of the exterior and develop a more organized look. With us, you can be proud of the manufactured homes of today.

To those who are new to the mobile home or who still don’t know what skirting is: Skirting comprises panels that run from the bottom of your home to the ground and entirely cover the space in between.

Manufactured homes are somewhat self-contained and can be placed on the ground, practically anywhere. Proper mobile home skirting serves as a barrier to cover the space and makes the home more appealing. It prevents wild animals from going under the manufactured home. Skirting is available in different types of materials, with different properties and qualities.

What Are The Benefits Of Skirting In Your Mobile Home? 

  • Affordable

Skirting is rather affordable. Especially if you look at all the added benefits and ways it can help you save money.

  • Handy Extra Storage Space

Many people take the opportunity to convert the space below their manufactured homes into a storage area. It’s an ideal place to store outdoor equipment like gardening tools, land mowers, and so on.

  • Improve Mobile Home’s Curb Appeal And Resale Value

There are lots of decorative skirting options like faux stone, etc. By using one of our cheap mobile home skirting materials, you can truly beautify your home!

What type of Skirting Materials to get?

Skirting comes in various materials, each with different insulating properties and qualities. There are inexpensive skirting materials you can get for your manufactured home, which is also very durable. Some of the skirting materials you can get at Nixon Mobile Homes include.

  • Metal

Weather-resistant and durable, recycled steels and tin are affordable options for mobile home skirting. The metal rod is easy to connect to a 2 x 4 “wooden frame with weather nails or screws. You can use it to give your home an antique look.

  • Installing Cinder-Block Skirting 

Concrete blocks are durable, easy to work with and provide a certain amount of insulation. New concrete blocks can be expensive, and recycled blocks affordable. Installing cinder-block skirting is a bit more challenging to work with than other materials, but it is worth the time and effort due to its long service life.

Recycled brick is another option for attractive skirting. They look fantastic, but just like concrete, their installation requires little effort.

  • Wood

Wood makes for a versatile skirting material when correctly sealed and treated against water and bugs. Wood is highly customizable, enabling you to utilize a lattice or picket-fence pattern for a distinct, pleasant look.

  • Foam

Foam will not be as durable as other kinds of skirting. However, it is budget-friendly. If you keep the insect or animal away from it, the foam will last long. Ensure you install double layers for much more stability.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl skirting is rather less durable than other skirting options. It is, however, affordable, has low maintenance, and will last at least several years. Vinyl is available in various colors to match your home and can be painted for an exact match if preferred. To enhance vinyl skirting’s durability and insulation abilities, think about backing it with foam.

Good skirting can serve as extra insulation that protects the underside of your manufactured home from extreme temperatures. If you insulate your pipes or appliances before skirting, it’s even more efficient.

Nixon mobile homes are always available to supply you with the best skirting material that will suit your taste at a budget-friendly cost. Nixon mobile homes are the most outstanding suppliers of Manufactured home parts in Conroe, TX.


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