Why You Should Consider TMS Treatment Now?


COVID-19 has infected more than a hundred million people around the world. This social isolation had led to an increase in depression. Depression is an independent depressive disorder precipitated by COVID19 that relates to stress and other related problems. You can get relief from the depressive disorder and live a happy life with the brain stimulation therapy, “Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).” TMS treatment will get rid of the depression and help have a fresh start.

Symptoms of Depressive Disorder

1.Appetite and sleep disturbances

2.Death wishes, suicidal thoughts, or attempts

3.Feel like there is no hope for the future and helplessness

4.Ideas that one is worthless or has done something wrong

5.Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem

6.Lowered concentration, or attention complaints of poor memory

7.Feeling restless or reduction inactivity

8.Marked tiredness after even minimum effort

9.Decreased energy

10.Loss or decrease of capacity to enjoy things

11.Low mood

How TMS for Depression Works?

Did you know clinically it is proved TMS treatment will decrease depression, or at least minor positive changes in many others? Also, TMS completely bypasses all of these symptoms that affect specific portions of the brain related to depression and other conditions in a drug-free way! The TMS equipment will be aimed at the portion of the prefrontal cortex “DLPFC (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex),” which is dedicated to cognitive flexibility, organisation, planning, inhibition, and more when targeting the brain to treat depression.

Now, the connection of the thalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala with the TMS machine! By connecting the TMS machine in the DLPFC, magnetic waves will be sent over the skull and scalp into the brain’s portions that connect the thalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala. To regulate stimuli, mood, thought, and more, TMS machines disrupt brain signals flowing between the brain regions by affecting the limbic system.

Advantage of TMS Therapy

1.FDA approves the TMS in Castle Hill in 2008 for the treatment of depression.

2.There will not be any significant memory impairment.

3.Responded to ECT in the past? It will be a good alternative option to get relief from the depression.

4.Current data demonstrate efficacy in patients who have struggled with medication.

5.An outpatient service and patient continue normal daily routines.

6.It does not require anesthesia, non-invasive, well-tolerated.

7.TMS may improve symptoms of (OCD) obsessive-compulsive disorder.

8.There’s some evidence that TMS may help stroke rehabilitation.

9.TMS will help increasing activity in this area by stimulating nerve cells.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking to have an effective drug-free treatment to get rid of depression? Hire a leading TMS clinic in Castle Hill that eliminates your depression and makes you enjoy life.

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